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Design Company in Egypt
 » Malafaat is a Graphic design company in Egypt providing the best Corporate Designs, Event Design, Video Edit and Montage, Website Design, Logo Design,

Content Marketing Is The Key Strategy To Improvise Your Business: Do You Know Why?
 » A beautiful website designed to take your business online? Well, there is more you need! Any company going online needs to have digital managers who are skilled enough to take the business to the next level. But there's something more important. Yes, it's the content.

Online advertising: main forms and possibilities
 » Online advertising or online marketing is, in simplified terms, effective use of available forms of marketing to promote information with the company\\\'s offer. The primary purpose of online advertising is to attract customers.

Magnafi - Capture Your Audience
 » Magnafi is a new type of hybrid company. We are strategically positioned to harness the strengths and services from both creative agencies and production houses in order to offer the ultimate integrated platform in broadcast and digital viewing across all viewing channels.

How To Set Up An Effective Pay Per Click Campaign
 » Pay per click (ppc) is one of the fastest ways to get targeted visitors to your site. If you set up your ppc campaign properly, you will get visitors to your site who are looking for what you are selling and you will get them at an affordable cost.

Why I think Google AdWords works
 » Why I think Google Adwords works so well is an article written by former Team Member, Nad Strelitz

How to Reach the Unreachable Prospect
 » Discover how to reach that unreachable prospect that just doesn't seem to want to meet with you to hear your marketing message.

Online Target Marketing
 » This article identifies 3 major challenges for online target marketing. It provides helpful suggestions on how to deal with these challenges. It also provides examples of online target marketing solutions that incorporate many of the suggestions.

The Power Of Personalization
 » Personalization should be an important consideration in all marketing strategies. With current technology, personalization can be effectively implemented as part of an internet marketing strategy. This article describes the importance and benefits of personalization.

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