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Online advertising: main forms and possibilities

Date Added: August 13, 2019 02:02:23 AM

Are you planning to create your own website? Maybe you have just finished creating an online store or web application for you? Take a moment and get information about the next step - online advertising.

Online advertising or online marketing is, in simplified terms, effective use of available forms of marketing to promote information with the company's offer. The primary purpose of online advertising is to attract customers.

Seems very easy? Unfortunately, only in theory. The multitude of forms of online marketing, high rates for clicks and impressions as well as complex advertising systems do not facilitate effective customer acquisition from the Internet. In order to achieve the assumed goal, you should have a properly prepared website, knowledge and invest only in proven forms of online marketing. Below you will find information about the most effective and useful methods.

Positioning of pages

Positioning defines where your product (item or service) stands in relation to others offering similar products and services in the marketplace as well as the mind of the consumer. This form of online advertising helps you attract attention if you plan to implement a long-term marketing strategy.

Why is it worth to position a page in Google search?

Its resources are used by the majority of internet users. The benefits of effective positioning of the website in this search engine are the growing number of views of your website and a greater number of inquiries or orders. Google search engine users themselves decide what they're looking for. If your site is well-prepared and evaluated by the search engine algorithm as valuable, it displays it as one of the most relevant search results for the search query.


Anna is the owner of the driving school. Already at the stage of preparing the company's website, she made sure that her website was well designed and intuitive, so visitors can quickly find comprehensive information about the driving school, description of each service and price list. The website loads quickly on every device and is reliable.

Anna had ordered the placement of links to the page with a unique description of the offer on the most important websites read by internet users living in the region. She created profiles in social media. It is very likely that the website of this driving school will be presented as the most suitable for every Google search user who will search for information by entering such keywords as “Lviv driving school“ or “driving course in Lviv“. Thanks to this, Anna will attract many new clients.

Online advertising via Facebook ADS or Google ADS

Skillful using the possibilities of external advertising systems - Facebook ADS, Google ADS helps you to reach potential clients instantly with marketing information.

Important! At present, only companies can use the Google ADS advertising system.

So if you already have a well-prepared website, advertising via Facebook ADS or Google ADS can be a good adding to the above-described positioning of websites.

To start showing ads on these systems, you must have advertising accounts. To create it on Facebook, you need to have a business page. In the case of the Google ADS system, you must create an account and add the necessary information. Only after that, you will be able to create advertising creatives. The effective use of all online advertising opportunities that gives these systems requires their good knowledge.

Important! Online advertising of your company on Facebook or the Google ADS system can be set free by representatives of these companies. All you need to do is to invest a high budget there.

Whisper marketing

If you want to reach an Internet user who is interested in a specific product or service, a whisper marketing could help you. This is a specific form of internet advertisement, the principle of which is worth understanding first.

A whisperer, meaning a person who professionally deals with whisper marketing, is usually a longtime and active member of a forum, discussion group or social network. His task is to search (using appropriate software) questions about products or services and discuss the subject with a simultaneous indication of the promoted offer.


An IT forum user asks about a powerful antivirus program that will not overload his computer. A whisperer who is a member of this community and is intended to promote X software receives a notification of such a thread. He quickly joins the discussion by asking the person initiating the topic for more details (eg. computer parameters). Whisperer in subsequent posts directs discussions on specific software that he knows and uses. It shows screenshots, compares it to competitive offers and as a consequence and indicates the place where the user can purchase the software at a competitive price. Thanks to well-thought-out activities, the owner of the company who commissioned whisper marketing, gains a professional offer of the company and is highly likely to acquire another subscriber.


The tasks of a whisper marketing professional include the inspiration and development of the discussion. Each whisperer must know the promoted product and have knowledge about the services offered by the company before the start of the campaign.

Important! Adding the same information in different places on the internet, unwise activities will not bring you any benefits. You should carefully verify the work of the whisperer. Here, after all, it's about a good image of your company. Do not forget about verifying the effects of whisper marketing.

Other forms of online advertising that are worth checking out

Effective online advertising requires thoughtful actions. The basis for each promotional campaign should be a well-described offer. Each campaign must have a clearly defined goal. It’s possible thanks to the effective use of appropriate forms of internet marketing. In addition to the named above, you should consider:

  • Content marketing;
  • E-mail marketing;
  • Remarketing;
  • Video marketing;
  • Affiliate marketing.