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Online Target Marketing

Date Added: July 14, 2007 05:26:35 PM

The road to success in marketing an online business is loaded with pot holes and land mines leading to frustration, loss of capital, and potential disaster. This article will look at 3 major challenges and will propose a new-generation solution to these target marketing online challenges.

The challenges are: (1) getting your marketing message in front of a decision-maker, (2) getting the prospect to listen to your whole marketing message, and (3) getting the prospect to respond to your marketing message.

Getting Your Marketing Message In Front Of A Decision-Maker

We’ll start with the premise that you know your target market, you know the needs of your target market, you have a product or service needed within that target market, and you know the decision makers in the businesses within that target market. Decision makers within a business are busy people. They’re often too busy to go to the search engines looking for products and services or they don’t find you when doing so. Or, they’re turned off by run-of-the-mill websites.

To approach the decision makers directly in your target market is very difficult. They often have a gatekeeper that stands in the way of getting to the decision maker. Specific strategies you can use to get your message to the decision maker are:

  • Deliver your message in an online form that won’t require a meeting with the decision maker. Decision makers often see sales meetings as a waste of time and they hate unproductive meetings.
  • Deliver your message in an online form that can be previewed by the gatekeeper and passed on to the decision maker.
  • Keep your message short. If the gatekeeper sees that the message is pertinent, is short, and is of high quality, then they will more likely pass the message on to the decision maker.
  • Deliver your message in an online form that can be tracked so you know if the gatekeepr or decision maker has heard the message. This will impact your follow-up strategy.

Deliver A Marketing Message That Will Be Heard And Understood

This seems obvious. However, many online marketing messages are impersonal, boring, and require tedious reading through a multi-page website. What is needed is an online marketing message that:

  • Is Attention Grabbing: Your message must grab the decision makers attention within the first 30 seconds. If this objective is not met, the opportunity will be lost.
  • Is Short: Your message must be limited to 1 to 3 minutes. Shorter is better. Decision makers don’t have the time to consider lengthy marketing messages.
  • Holds The Prospects Attention: Your message must capture and hold the attention of the prospect or your marketing message will not be heard and understood. The keys to capturing and holding the prospects attention are: (1) A prospect needs to be entertained, inspired, provoked, and engaged; (2) Listening, watching, interacting, and reading produce far greater levels of understanding and recall than reading alone; and (3) Communication directed to both the eyes and ears is 68% more effective than communication directed to the eyes alone.

Getting The Decision Maker To Take Action

Once you’ve overcome the first two challenges, this last challenge is likely to happen if the decision-maker truly has a need. Having heard and understood your marketing message, some percentage of decision-makers will respond with the action you desire.

New Generation Marketing Solution

To see online examples of a new generation target marketing solution that provides the features addressed above, click on online business websites.

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