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How to Reach the Unreachable Prospect

Date Added: August 08, 2007 05:05:59 PM

Marketing people come up against walls. Their prospects sometimes are unapproachable, unresponsive, uninterested, and resistant to marketing messages. Those walls can be related to the prospect’s preconceived notion about the marketing person or the company they represent, their perception of the product or service and their need for it, their busy schedule, or their financial situation. In some cases, the problem relates to the organization structure the prospect has created.

Many executives manage their time and pressure by delegating responsibility, but not authority, to subordinates (gatekeepers). Decision makers often see sales meetings as a waste of time and they dislike unproductive meetings so the administrative staff is often expected to screen phone calls, and sort incoming mail to “help the boss be more productive”. Many marketing messages land in the trash before anyone can lay eyes on them.

The Solution

There is a solution to the resistance factor that avoids the need to schedule up-front meetings or spend long periods of time trying to contact the key decision-maker in an organization. The solution is a uniquely designed online marketing message designed to reach the unreachable prospect. This solution addresses the issue of the gatekeeper’s lack of cooperation and reluctance to pass on the message. This solution works for small business and large.

The characteristics of this effective online marketing message are listed below:

  • Make it short and introductory in nature. Messages should not exceed three minutes. It takes one to three minutes before the attention span of the recipient wavers. Grab attention within the first 30 seconds.
  • Create quality in the content. An online message with professional narration, video, graphics, motion, and sound clips will be more effective in convincing the gatekeeper to pass the message to the decision maker.
  • Deliver the message via email with a hot link to the audio-visual message, or deliver it in the form of a CD ROM that can be played on the prospects desktop or laptop computer.
  • Deliver the message in an online form that can be tracked to determine whether the gatekeeper or decision maker has looked at the message. This will impact a follow-up strategy.


There are techniques that can unlock the door to an unreachable prospect. Online marketing can be a key factor in getting the marketing message in front of the decision maker and in having the message understood by the recipient. Because people today are programmed to want active and stimulating entertainment, the online marketing message described above fits that groove in the work setting, creates understanding, and saves time for the marketing person, the gatekeeper, and the key decision maker. Chances of a response from the prospect are far greater because the resistance walls are removed.

New Generation Marketing Solution

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