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Why I think Google AdWords works

Date Added: August 16, 2007 10:45:29 PM

Hi I’m Nad form WebAd! I used to work with the Google Ad words team in Dublin Ireland. While I was part of this team, I used to review ads, assuring they comply with Google’s AdWords policies. I was also responsible for advertiser support for the Hebrew/Israeli market and that included analysing the advertiser’s problems and resolving them. I also managed the biggest advertisement accounts which were targeting the US and other countries, including creating the campaign, selecting the best Key Words and constantly monitoring the performance for the campaign to assure best results. I took part in the recruiting and management of the AdWords team.

I joined the AdWords Team as Google as the initial member of the Hebrew/Israel team. The reasons I think Ad Words, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), and online advertising work so well is because it is the most effective advertising method where only the most relevant potential customers will see the ad. If the web surfer does not click on the ads and enter the advertiser’s website then the advertiser is not charged, unlike other advertising systems. Another good reason is that while the Ad campaign can be truly global and the advertiser can target just the audience in the area/region where they provide their services and/or products. To make the most of who will see the ads, the advertiser can opt to have it done professionally by someone who has worked in the inside of the business like WebAd.

Some may say: "I can do it myself" – based on our customers experience it leads to a lot of wasted time, money, and frustration. If done by professionals it is the method of advertising that gives the highest Return On Investment (ROI).

Some may say: "I want all my online/website needs to be managed under one roof."
It is like going with a broken foot to your GP because he checks everything; wouldn’t it be better to be checked by an orthopaedist?

In short, I can summarise these points as WebAd can Guarantee:

  • Increase Revenue to Advertiser.
  • Most Effective Position/Ranking.
  • Increase Traffic to Advertiser website.
  • Immediate results.
  • Constant Monitoring to Assure Best Performances.
  • Website Performance Analysis.
  • Website goal Tracking.
You can read more about my work in Google and continuing work with Ad words at my Pay-per-click and SEM marketing site.

Nad MD, WebAd