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South Africa’s Management Style
 » The management style used in South Africa is one of the most difficult to understand. Taking management courses Hemsley Fraser offers on their site may not even be enough to appreciate the intricate business culture in this country.

How Will Management Change in the Future?
 » Many experts say that the management practices of today can no longer sustain business success. In a time when adaptability and creativity reign, management models need to evolve into a much more fitting form.

Understanding Management Style in China
 » If you are used to the Western style of management in the workplace, it may become a huge surprise when you experience being under the management of a Chinese boss.

Understanding the Concept of Management
 » Management is a widely used term that can mean a variety of things depending on the point of view of a person.

Why Cultural Awareness is Vital in International Project Management
 » Doing business at a global perspective is highly different from conducting projects at one's country.

Benefits of Effective Employee Performance Reviews
 » For some managers, especially those who have taken management courses, giving performance reviews for their employees is just another task they need to do in order to keep their jobs.

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