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Pro Link Directory Terms of Use and Submission Guidelines

Make your submission to the most relevant category.

  Even though it may be tempting to submit to a category based on it's PageRank, we strongly suggest using relevancy as the first criteria in your submission.

Under Construction sites or sites with many broken links are not accepted

  Please submit your site after finsihing it/cleaning up broken links.

Do not submit mirror sites that have the same content, but different URLs.

The submission must be in English unless submitted to a regional category

  If you wish to have a non-English listing, please use the appropriate Regional sub-category

Sites related to gambling, sports betting, pharmaceuticals or certain sexually oriented materials are not accepted.

  Any sites falling in the above categories will be directly rejected.

MFA (Made For AdSense) sites are not accepted

  Made for AdSense sites do not usually present unique or informative content for the user therefore we do not accept this type of sites.

We reserve the right to reject any listing for any reason

  Although we are very resonable in our review process and the main rule that we apply is common sense, we reserve the right to reject any site even if it doesn't break any rule mentioned explicitly here.

Any paid submission will be refunded if rejected

  For your peace of mind, we will fuly refund any payment if the associated link is rejected.

We reserve the right to modify or delete any information submitted

  We usually keep all information as it is submitted. However, we may correct spelling errors and in rare cases add/modify meta description tags or trim keyword-stuffed titles/descriptions.

We reserve the right to change the category of a listing

  In order to mentain a good level of quality throughout the directory, we may change the category of a listing if a more appropriate or more specific category exist.