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Why Are Car Insurance Rates Cheaper for Female Drivers?

Date Added: March 22, 2014 05:16:38 PM

It is almost common knowledge that ladies get better automobile insurance quotes. Male drivers would not agree with this special treatment but it is up to the companies how much they like to charge for a particular driver. As long as companies can prove that gender is relevant when assessing risk they can differentiate the rates accordingly. Today hardly anybody argues about the relevance of gender in risk assessment.

When only twenty percent of speeding tickets are received by female drivers and only five percent of dangerous driving convictions given to ladies it is understandable that companies arrange the premiums accordingly. Also, only ten percent of serious accidents are caused by ladies. These numbers are telling as to why ladies are low risk drivers and deserve special deals.

It may be true that most driving jobs are kept by men and they drive a lot more miles than women. As a result they are more likely to get into accidents. Also, people may argue that ladies are slower drivers. These points are not significant enough to negate the accident and traffic ticket number that skewed against male drivers. Male drivers especially the young ones appear to be more aggressive and higher risk overall.

Generally, insurance agents would suggest that policies should be bought under wife’s name and husband listed as second driver. This strategy could save families money assuming that both husband and wife would have similar driving history and in the same age group. The higher importance is given to lead drivers on policies. It is hard to explain why would there be such advantage but it is worth checking both ways to see if you really can save money with this little trick.

Furthermore, some companies may offer a lot better rates for ladies based on their loss history with them. When you can save money by finding companies that offer good deals for your gender why would you end up with more expensive packages. To avoid this happening you should get a few car insurance quotes and compare them. This will quickly tell you who the best provider for your circumstances is.

There are some companies claiming to be specialist insurers for ladies. They suggest that lady drivers would get better rates if they apply to them. This is a misleading advertisement since most auto insurers offer lower car insurance rates for female motorists compared to male. Traditional insurers may be able to offer much better rates than the so called specialists on most lines of policies. It is highly advisable that motorists get multiple quotes from various providers.

Also, motorists should not rely only on one discount. They can increase the savings by qualifying for many of them. Qualifying for one discount does not stop you from searching for a few more. If you truly want low vehicle insurance premiums you should maximize all the savings you get. The lowest premiums are achieved by getting all the discounts you can possible find. This could be because you are a good driver, have great credit history or you are a lady.