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Wholesale Clothing fashion styles that are a must-have on the winter

Date Added: March 17, 2009 01:19:56 PM

We are in full fledge winter in most of the world, and you as a business person have to stock your stores with winter clothes that will carry you into spring. There are at least three more months left of winter, so if you still have more winter clothes to fill your store with you better fill it quickly because in a month you better be ready to start shopping for spring clothes. We want to fill the stores with fabulous wholesale winter looks pronto. Staying constantly updated in the current style trends is relevant to your business and hopefully this article will add to your current knowledge of what is selling with women.

The 2009 winter season has given us gorgeous coats that are available as wholesale apparel in sites such as Fabulous belted coats with fur and faux fur trim. In terms of colors, black, brown and gray are the traditional hues for winter coats and you will see these colors on most women, but if you truly want to stand out from the winter crowd in your wholesale coat purchases, then have a little attitude and go for purple, yellow or red. The new coat silhouette is very architectural- A-lines, origami sleeve. Short leather jackets are also a must have this year, along with a chic buttoned up pea coat. Shoes make a major statement this year, they are sculptured with spiked heels or they should contrast the heels and the soles with interesting cutwork, or multiple straps, buckles and ties. Other fabulous winter styles that will hopefully last awhile are in the arena of jewelry, the look is big rings and long chains and fabulous wrist cuffs, ornate cuff bangles. The look is 70’s fun and feminine in accessories. - Lots of layered gold chains at neckline/wrist. Bold leg wear is a sexy winter must- Lace/bright hues/black opaque tights. Sheer dark hosiery and sexy animal/floral hosiery.

There are so many options for today’s woman. Options that are very trendy and fashionable and still inexpensive. These trendy options are also available now in every size, so every woman can look and feel gorgeous for incredible reasonable prices. If women shop wisely they can buy clothes that look expensive and that are affordable and get them through the season, if they shop really wisely then their new clothes will last them for many seasons. Never before have had women had so many options in fashion. So why are the malls so bare? There is a growing sentiment among shoppers to cut back. That is certainly affecting the wholesale and retail markets and is a cause to re-evaluate the business plan. Fuelling this entire 'less is more' attitude is the current recession.  There is an echo in the halls of the malls these days, and that has affected all aspects of the fashion businesses and wholesale Clothing world that is connected. There is a new consumer love affair with saving money plus an eco awareness born out of sheer boredom with possession of too many consumables. Therefore the better you are prepared for the fashion savvy women today the better chance you have of lasting through the recession.