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Wholesale Clothing Shopping Secrets

Date Added: March 17, 2009 01:17:47 PM

It can be daunting as a merchant to navigate the world of wholesale vendors that you want access to. But there are ways to not only navigate the wholesale shopping sites available on the web, but also to score amazing deals that will put you over the profit edge and make your customers happy. First of all, do your research and find the best sites and then save them as your favorites. In order to search online for the best wholesale sites, you will want to use the key words wholesale clothing or get more specific. Remember, that the more specific that you get the smaller the quantity of sites that will come up. Having less sites to navigate can also be productive if they have exactly what you want. Nonetheless, use both methods; the broad and the narrow search for wholesale clothing. One way to search specifically, for example, is by inputting wholesale women’s jeans into your browser. This will help you target exactly wholesale women’s jeans..

Now that you have found a cache of websites catering to your wholesale needs you can begin the next part of your journey. Make sure that you look through at least ten and choose your favorites. Some of the top sites that are loved by shoppers for their bargains, quality and customer service are:, Firstly, compare the styles of each site. It matters what the clothes cost, but if the styles of the clothes are not what your client niche will buy, then it doesn’t really matter if one site charges a dollar or two more for the same top. Keep in mind that one site may charge bit more for tops but less for pants, so try not to pass on a site altogether if you see one section of clothing or jewelry costs more than another wholesale site. Peruse through the entire site. Always know the return policies and any other specifics to their policies. Most sites will allow you to visit them in person. This can be a great way to build a relationship with your favorite wholesale vendors, as well as legitimize the quality of their clothing.

It is important to log into your wholesale Apparel sites at least twice a week to review the New Arrivals and bookmark what you may need. Most sites will have every category that you need; from wholesale women’s clothing, wholesale men’s clothing, wholesale jewelry and sometimes plus sizes as well. You can also check the clearance sections of each wholesale site. Not all clearances are created equal. Some are really amazing and you can get savings of up to 90% of the original price. Remember that your customers will also be excited to get such a steal, especially if it is the season for it. Some wholesale sites have had the item for too long, maybe they bought too many and looks better in person than on the photo, whatever the reason they are tired of looking at it and want to make room on their site for different items. Some of the best times to look for the lowest clearance savings on your favorite wholesale sites for women’s clothing, both plus sizes and junior sizes are the end of the month. You can find exceptional deals the last few days of the month, and they go fast, so snatch them up. Another good time to look for outstanding deals is the end of the season. For example a wholesale merchant will put their shorts on sale at the end of summer when the climate begins to cool, and they will put their warm weather wholesale sweaters on sale around May when the temperature rises.

Finally, one way to determine your favorite wholesale shopping sites are the shipping deals. Look for the companies that will ship for free over a certain amount of clothing and jewelry bought. Most sites ship for free for purchases of $300 or more. They will also sometimes provide really good rates on international shipping through a selection of shipping companies. If you call you can negotiate the shipping price and if you buy enough they will help with your shipping. You can sometimes also get better prices on the clothing and jewelry itself if you call and place your order with one of their more than qualified salespeople. The sites that were listed as favorites, and, have exceptional shipping policies and sales personnel help you navigate their site and get the best bang for your buck.