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Whole Foods - Nature's Perfect Balance

Date Added: October 27, 2007 12:02:12 AM

Merriam-Webster defines whole food as a "natural food, especially when grown organically." Whole foods are "real" foods, complete with all the nutrients and other important compounds nature intended that have not been highly processed, synthesized, or irradiated. Whole foods are foods in their most complete, balanced state and do not contain harmful chemicals and additives that damage our bodies. Additionally, whole foods are foods that are unprocessed and unrefined; or processed and refined as little as possible before being consumed.

Whole foods are also remarkable for what they don't have, including added sugar, salt, fat, or chemicals. Whole foods are able to be digested easily and provide all the nutrients our bodies need. A great characteristic of whole foods is that they are easily assimilated and absorbed readily by the body, much better than any traditional nutrient supplements. Whole foods are always better than processed foods, which are usually stripped of their vitamins and minerals. Whole foods are nutrient rich and promote great health, and are the best sources for vitamins and minerals. Whole foods are complex, containing a variety of micronutrients the body needs. The bottom line is that whole foods are the most nutritionally balanced foods you can obtain, as close to nature as you can get. The term "Whole Food" has been known to describe any food that offers a complete "food pyramid" style balance in nutritional value in its natural state. Whole foods typically include any raw fruits and vegetables, and nutrient-dense nuts, seeds and sprouts.

For some, it is preferable to eat whole foods raw in order to obtain the maximum nutritional benefit. The best nutritional foods to eat tend to be whole foods; those that are minimally processed, arriving at the supermarket with much the same composition they had while growing. These nutrient rich whole foods generally provide far superior nutritional value than any processed or packaged food. Whole foods give the body the nutrition it needs, the nutrition it craves. It's amazing how quickly poor health disappears when good nutrition is established. Whole foods provide the nutrition to your body that it requires to function on a day-to-day basis. Processed, packaged foods cannot even begin to come close to providing you the nutrition that's available through whole food products. Filling up on foods that provide little nutritional benefit can cause serious nutritional deficiencies. In fact, this is the main reason that processed foods are so unhealthy, especially for those attempting to diet.

There is not enough nutrition in the packaged, processed food products on the shelf, so the body craves more and leaves dieters feeling hungry and deprived, who then eat more unhealthy foods to quench their hunger. It is a vicious, unhealthy cycle. There is just no substitute for meeting nutritional needs the old-fashioned way. Not only are whole foods the most nutrient dense, they are familiar, affordable foods that provide great taste as well as exceptional nutrition. An ever-growing body of research has brought both scientists and nutritionists to propose that we can significantly decrease morbidity and mortality, and dramatically improve our chances of living a longer, healthier more vibrant life, simply by eating healthier foods. There are several ways to meet the body's needs with respect to whole foods.

The best way is to consume a variety of fresh raw fruits and vegetables every day - the USDA recommends 6-9 servings per day. For some this is very difficult, especially considering today's fast-paced lifestyle. Many turn to juicing as a viable alternative to obtain the whole food nutrition and goodness provided by fresh raw fruits and vegetables. But again, this is time consuming, and can become rather expensive. The next best way to obtain the whole foods nutrition your body needs would be through a supplement. But you have to be very careful, because just about any nutritional supplement on the market has been processed, and the nutrients in the product are dead. But we've recently found one unique product, that utilizes a proprietary processing technique that leaves all the nutrients in the product alive. It is called The Feast. It is not available in stores, but currently featured on our web site. The Feast represents a viable nutritional alternative for those families who want to ensure they are getting the nutrients their bodies need, but don't have time to juice, or to eat 6-9 fresh servings per day. Whole foods are foods in their most natural, unaltered forms. They offer the best, balanced nutrition that a body can get. Whole foods are your best sources of vitamins and minerals. For those seeking a heart healthy, high fiber, low-maintenance diet, whole foods are the superior, far healthier way to go.

For those seeking a "food pyramid" style balance of nutrition in their lives, whole foods are the solution. Give your body the whole food nutrition that it needs, and feel the difference. Put nature's perfect balance to work in your life today.