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What you have to know about the Azores weather

Date Added: August 12, 2013 01:03:00 PM

As the Azores archipelago becomes more of an attractive vacation spot, many say it's due to the climate of the islands. The area stays comfortable no matter the season, with very little variation in temperatures and rainfall. This mild climate makes it easy to do any holiday activities year round, which also makes Azores holidays especially attractive for many people.

Steady Temperatures

Temperatures remain steady throughout the year in the Azores islands. When variation does occur, it is usually minor. During most of the year, the climate does not go below 10 degrees Celsius. During the summer and late fall months, it might get as high as 26 degrees, but it generally stays at the median between the two. These pleasant temperatures create an opportunity for year-long swimming and beach play for natives as well as tourists.

Year-Long Lushness

For those wishing for hotter temperatures, August is the time of year to travel to the Azores. Many travel advisors, however, recommend visiting during the spring months, as this is when many flowers are in bloom. Any month of the year will feature in-bloom flowers in the Azores, though, and travellers can expect a holiday free of dead trees and dreary atmosphere all year long with plenty of photo opportunities.

Easy Climate, Easy Costs

Travelling with children is made easy in the Azores archipelago since the climate is so pleasant and there is very little need for transportation. You can walk or bike anywhere, saving on costs. A simple flight comparison between other vacation hotspots will show how much you can save by choosing this lesser-known place as well. Singles and couples can enjoy the temperate climate as they swim or kayak together, too, just as elderly people will enjoy the climate conditions.

Optimal Precipitation

Rain is generally not a problem when visiting the archipelago. There are no heavy rain seasons, though winter months do feature heavier rainfall than the rest of the year. Less than 15 centimetres can be expected during the wettest months, while summer months are much drier. The Azores feature around 109 centimetres of rainfall annually, which is enough to keep the islands fruitful and lush without overwhelming the people who live there.

Grateful for the Gulf

People who enjoy these weather conditions can thank the Gulf Stream for the mild climate and year-round water fun. While tropical storms are not unknown in the Azores, they are rare. Hurricanes have hit the islands, though infrequently over the years, with a total of 11 impacts. No matter when a vacation is booked, travellers can generally expect smooth weather and optimal conditions for boating, whale watching, or simply playing golf. Right now the Azores islands are a little-known gem to travellers, making them that much more attractive to visit. Any Holiday comparison charts drawn up display how much more affordable these temperate islands are than many other popular island destinations. This affordability, coupled with the islands' constantly pleasant weather, paint a very tempting picture for many travellers who want to get away without spending too much money—or overheating in crowded tourist hotels.