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What to Do in London with Kids

Date Added: August 14, 2013 02:17:51 PM

It is understandable that as a parent, there are times when you want to take your kids along with you on a trip. Bringing them to London can be a perfect option for a family vacation. Just make sure that you take great care in planning the activities that you will allow them to do. Younger kids and those who are five to ten years of age can enjoy a free travel as long as you or any other adult have a valid ticket. Other times, the five- and ten-year-olds may need to use their Oyster photocard. This can provide free travel or discounted travel rates. 

Let Them Stay at a Kid-Friendly Hotel

You may choose suitable budget hotels that are willing to have your adorable tykes. Most london hotels are conveniently made for the family. If you like booking a stay in Coventry, go ahead. hotel coventry accommodations can be accessed by taking a train from London. Travel time would take around two hours at the most to get from one city to the other. Bear in mind that you must prepare the things you need before you travel from Coventry to London with your kids and explore the city's wonderful places.

Bring Them to a Theme Park or Zoo

With your kids in tow, expect to have a fun-filled vacation. Theme parks are everywhere, but not necessarily in central London. They can be easily accessed by a car, train or a coach, and can be the best option for an action-packed day with the kids. Some of the best choices include the Legoland Windsor at the Winkfield Road, the London Bridge Experience situated at 2-4 Tooley Street, the London Dungeon at the County Hall in the Riverside Building, the Thorpe Park in Staines Road, and Letterhead Road's Chessington World of Adventures.
At Regent's Park, you will find the London Zoo, which features over 760 different animals. They also have exhibits and the most beautiful and largest pool known as the Penguin Beach. Other places of interest, like the WWT London Wetland Centre, offer a good glimpse of rare birds of different countries.

Indulge Their Love of Toys

Mention the word toys or toyshops and, for sure, your children would go crazy with happiness. Let them indulge in the world of toys by showing them the top toyshops. These include The Disney Store located on Oxford Street, Honeyjam, Playlounge, Puppet Planet, Mystical Fairies, Science Museum Shop, Semmalina, Hamleys, and the Sylvanian Families at North London. Being in London with the kids will never be a bore. It may even be an eye-opening and thrilling experience for you as you join them in their activities and see the city of London through their eyes, making your stay an unforgettable vacation. 

Staying in London with kids can be a fulfilling experience. It's best to make sure that they stay at safe locations like London hotels. If staying in Coventry, a hotel Coventry would be your best option. For inexpensive offers, staying at budget hotels anywhere is a good option to take.