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What to Do When You’re in the UK

Date Added: September 24, 2013 01:36:48 PM

Comprised of different unified countries, the United Kingdom (UK) is undoubtedly a state of diverse and very rich culture. With its striking monuments and captivating traditions, the UK is a place every tourist would love to explore. If you happen to be in the land of the royal, forget about budget hotels and treat yourself in this amazing island. Here are a few ways to do that:

Witness Royalty

One of the things that make the UK distinct is its retention of the monarchy system. Even if the royalty is nothing more than a national symbol, this medieval vibe continues to fill the atmosphere in most places in this state. England is your ultimate destination if it's the royalty you want to witness. The official residence of the Queen, the Buckingham Palace, is just a few minutes from most london hotels. Important landmarks, such as the Tower of London and the Westminster Abbey are also within the vicinity.
If it's the more medieval experience you're after, you can choose to be in Wales instead. Over 500 castles—some still standing, while some are in ruins—are spread around this country, making it the castle capital of the world. Other medieval structures can be found elsewhere in the UK. Near any hotel coventry, for instance, you can find Cook Street and Swansell Gates, medieval gatehouse buildings that are still in good condition today.

Sightsee Some More

Other than the castles and the palaces, UK has some other spectacular sights to offer tourists. In England, you can finally witness the subject of the nursery rhyme you sang a lot as a kid: the London Bridge. The Stonehenge, an iconic prehistoric monument, is found not very far in Wiltshire.
For movie buffs, a trip to the UK may be your chance to see in real life the backgrounds and locations of your favorite films. From Harry Potter to James Bond films, you can find the scenic backdrops you only once saw on screen.

Get a Taste of English Flavors

Not to be outdone by other European nations, the UK is also teeming with exciting flavors. The cheeses in this part of the world are definitely something you should try. Served in the most appetizing venues, the seafood is also to die for in this island state. When you get your share of English cooking, it's time for you to walk the streets of the UK and find yourself a good pub to burn the night in. Order yourself a pint of beer and savor the very English experience.