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What Kind of Car is the Most Suitable for Beginner Drivers?

Date Added: May 30, 2013 01:19:12 PM

They can panic for the silliest of reasons while at the same time find it near impossible to solve the simplest problems. You can of course contribute all this to their lack of experience. For beginner drivers to gain more experience without becoming the victim or cause of an accident, it's very important to choose the right car for their needs.

Stop boasting!

New drivers have a tendency to boast about their nearly nonexistent driving skills. Not only that, but many of them prefer to impress others by driving high-maintenance and high-speed Luxury cars. Remember that pride cometh before a fall, and in this case that might be literal, with your car falling into a ditch.

If you want to drive safely, choose a car whose speed and power is appropriate for your still-unskilled hands.

Keep saving!

A driver's license gives you the right to drive but it does not give you the license to indulge in your every road fantasy. It doesn't mean that you can go ahead and buy the most expensive of gas Performance cars even if it is not safe for you to drive.

An ideal car for beginner drivers is something that they can afford to use every day without burning a hole in their pockets. It means being able to refuel their cars without having to ask for an advance of their allowance or wages. With that in mind, they would definitely be better off driving a diesel car. It's not just cheaper for fuel refills but the long-term maintenance is more affordable, too.

Another reason why beginner drivers should save their money and not spend a fortune pimping their rides is because there's a very high chance they'll also suffer their first vehicular accident with their first car. It's almost a certainty, and it would be unfortunate if their new paint job gets scratches and dents just like that.

There's nothing wrong with giving your car a makeover – but if you want it to last then wait until you are a little more experienced.

Don't buy a car for the sake of taking so many passengers in.
You're a new driver so you shouldn't make yourself always responsible for the lives of your passengers. It's for that reason that a big and powerful Performance car is completely out of the question! It may be tempting to invite your friends to hop in and cruise with you, but keep in mind they might be hopping out without their lives if you're unlucky. Don't allow yourself to succumb to temptation. Play it safe and just choose a nice and cramped sedan for now, secondhand preferably!

Think in terms of comfort.

Lastly, beginner drivers should not prize looks above all else. If they want their first car to last longer than their first fling then they should also choose a car that they can confidently and comfortably handle. Even if you can afford a Porsche, what good would it do if you can't take advantage of running it at full throttle?