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Visit France in Winter

Date Added: December 07, 2013 06:54:22 AM

France is a lovely country no matter what time of the year it is. Even in the cold, gloomy winter, the country teems with energy and life. So if you're planning to tour France, you should not rule out winter as the time to make the visit. Here are some reasons why winter in France may just be the right season to come over.

Christmas Markets

The Christmas markets in France are renowned for their special festiveness. Every end of the year, the streets of France become filled with bright lights and the scent of soap, as stalls open for customers. These markets sell everything from trinkets to wines and they open from November to December. Other than shopping, you can also enjoy a lot of different activities, such as dining. Some markets also have Ferris wheels and other rides, while others have skating rinks nearby.
Christmas markets are a French tradition. You can find them anywhere in the country. Whether you stay in hotel lyon or in Alsace, you'd find a great Christmas market to explore.

Cheaper Travel

Winter is the least busy time in France. This means that there are fewer tourists in the country. Therefore, the streets are less crowded and the rates are much lower. Particularly with accommodations, prices go down when there are fewer visitors. Before coming to France, you might want to check out to find any cheap hotel paris has. For sure, there is much availability with rooms that are offered at lower rates.
During the winter, France also opens a lot of discount stores. Winter sales begin in mid-January and last for a month. These sales include clothing, among other items. In addition, some tourist destinations also have lower fees during the off-season.

Winter Sports

France is growing to become one of the major hubs for winter sports. The country has some great venues for snow activities, such as skiing and snowboarding. The Les Trois Vallees is one popular place for winter sports. The venue features a spacious area with the right height of slope. It also has convenient accommodation and hosts other events, like a jazz festival.
If you go up in the Alps, you can engage in more adventurous winter activities, such as ice climbing and snow kiting. In ice climbing, you will be climbing the icy mountain using only a few gears. Snow kiting, on the other hand, involves going through the snow through the help of a kite that is attached to you. Both activities are dangerous.