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USB Data Recovery

Date Added: May 15, 2013 12:04:08 AM

In this article I will try to explain what is involved in USB data recovery. We use the term USB drive in two prospective. One is the external computer hard drive. These usually come in two forms. One is the desktop external hard disk and a laptop portable USB drive. The other type is the USB flash drive. Again these come in two shapes. One is the regular two inches long USB drive and the other one the one that is approximately one inch or less in length. The purpose is the same but the connection on the one inch drive looks different then the regular USB flash drive.

USB drives are becoming more and more popular. These drives are smaller in size, so it’s easy to carry them. These drives have one more advantage over other external hard drives and that is these does not use platters and heads to store or access information. The data is stored inside the chip. This makes them more secure against movement. They are more stable then other in the sense that if these are dropped on the floor, nothing may happen, compare to regular drives except USB connection damage. In the beginning these used to come in smaller sizes like 256mb, 512 MB etc. but as the time passed the capacity  went up. The same happened to the price. We used to pay more for these storage devices but now they are not that expensive. A 32GB flash drive is available under $60. These are very convenient devices but there other issues when it comes to safeguard files on these drives.

When it comes to data recovery, USB has to go through three different recovery processes. First one would be logical recovery which covers mainly looking for data using retrieval recovery software. This kind of recovery is usually time consuming but if there are some bad areas on the drive then different media recovery techniques is applied to fix these bad sectors. Extreme care should be take to choose a software because some software will write to the media and when that happens chances of overwriting and losing other important files go up thus making the recovery impossible.

The next type is a physical damage. Physical recoveries may involve different type of problems. There may be a broken connection issue between the USB post and the board or the actual circuit may be damaged. In most cases a data recovery expert would go for soldering thus making a careful and perfect connection to gain access to the board and then the chip that holds the data. If this data recovery technique does not work due to more damage on the board then that would be the point when the third type of USB data recovery takes place.

This last type is also called chip level recovery. In this kind, chip that hold the data is taken out of the flash drive and with the help of special equipment, data is extracted from the chip.

In this article I have explained about USB flash drives and different type of USB data recovery methods. For data recovery help, please visit laptop repair,computer repair,data recovery Brampton,data recovery Toronto