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Troubleshooting Kids Halloween Costumes: How to Save Time and Money

Date Added: July 27, 2008 07:00:19 AM

In your children's lifetimes, there will inevitably come a time when it is necessary for them to have some great kids Halloween costumes. This is true whether they are entering a school costume contest, getting ready to hit the streets with a giant bag waiting to be filled with treats, or going to a gathering where cute baby Halloween costumes will simply be a big hit.


Traditional Halloween Costume Solutions

Many seemingly resourceful parents use this as a time to hone their own sewing skills and powers of creativity. They search the countless articles on the web and in magazines offering advice on how to make great kids Halloween costumes from home, hoping to save a few dollars. However, despite most good intentions, the ability to create an innovative, cute, and correctly-sized kids Halloween costume is actually quite difficult in terms of both time and cost.

When you take things like materials, patterns, accessories, and time into account, homemade costumes often come out on the much more expensive side of the scale. In fact, most sewing patterns themselves can come in at a ten-dollar price tag; which, if you include all the additional materials you'll need, can quickly turn your Halloween plans into a belabored ordeal you will never want to repeat.

Keeping Kids Happy

Additional factors to take into consideration when making your own kids or baby Halloween costume is the kids themselves. While you might not find anything wrong with making a Disney princess gown out of an old bridesmaid dress you vowed never to wear again, your young daughter might have some very strong opinions about the exact shade of Cinderella's blue dress or the length of Tinkerbell's skirt. When your son requests a pirate's shirt, he may have images of rough, shipwrecked togs in mind - not a recycled version of his grandmother's blouse. To have all your efforts flaunted at the last minute by a tantrum or a child whose Halloween spirit has suddenly vanished is not the ideal response to the extreme effort involved in costume making.

The Kids Halloween Costume Solution

This is where purchasing ready-made kids Halloween costumes is the ideal solution. Most kids and baby Halloween costumes are made with happy children in mind: they are comfortable, designed for youthful tastes, and priced for a parent's budget. You can find anything from the popular cartoon characters kids almost always covet to traditionally appealing kids costumes in the form of superheroes, playful animals, and little angels (or devils, as the case may be).

Additionally, when you shop at an online retailer, you typically get photos of each of the costumes. This gives your children active involvement in the Halloween costume shopping process; a seemingly small step that can mean all the difference between a temper tantrum and a happy trick-or-treater.

Make Halloween a Fun Affair

Halloween is all about having fun and being young. Allow yourself to take part in the festivities by throwing off the traditional parental role of designer and seamstress, instead being playful and having fun right alongside your children. After all, kids Halloween costumes are as easy as finding the right costume and simply placing the order.