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Top Five Reasons to Get Plastic Surgery in the San Francisco Bay Area

Date Added: August 09, 2008 11:38:04 PM

As serendipity would have it, the San Francisco Bay Area consists of five extremely cosmopolitan counties, which themselves could be called five reasons to seek aesthetic surgery in the area. San Francisco may have more doctors per capita than any major city in the country. The truth is that the city itself has less than 750,000 residents.

In San Francisco you will find dozens of physicians who practice in the downtown area, in buildings on Sutter Street and Post Street near Union Square. Just west of the upper Haight Asbury District lies the University of California Medical Center, one of the two great medical schools in the Bay Area. As with most medical schools there are surrounding clinics and specialty medical services that provide services and also serve as teaching centers.

South of San Francisco lays the suburban County of San Mateo, which also has a large number of practicing physicians. Mills-Peninsula Hospital is a large, full service medical center with multiple locations. Also in the county is Seton Hospital which has a large surgical center. Between the two you will find a substantial number of board-certified plastic surgeons that not only provide out patient services in their offices but also are on the staff roster for one hospital or the other.

Continuing southward you will find Santa Clara County, home of Silicon Valley. At the northern tip of the county are Palo Alto and the Stanford Hospital. Stanford's medical school is recognized as top notch; many of its graduates remain in the area. It's an affluent area, which means that your choice of plastic surgeons and cosmetic treatment centers is going to be considerable. In San Jose, the largest city in the bay area, there are four or five major medical centers and established clinics that include outpatient cosmetic surgery services.

From San Jose, the next leg of your travels will take you from the bottom of the bay northward into Alameda County. This is a large county anchored in the north by Berkeley and Oakland and in the south by a number of middle class and affluent suburbs. In the north, Alta Bates Hospital has built a conglomerate of services that includes all manner of clinics and outpatient services.

The fifth option for finding quality cosmetic surgery services is Marin County, across the Golden Gate from San Francisco. Here you'll find some of the nicer neighborhoods in the Bay Area and because it is separated by a crowded bridge from San Francisco, you'll also find the quality medical services that include plastic surgeons with experience and with successful practices.

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