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Top 5 Exercises to Avoid While At the Gym

Date Added: August 16, 2015 07:28:31 PM

There are lots of blogs, articles, and news about exercises to avoid at the gym, and here’s another one because it is of men’s best interests at heart.

James S. Fell, an author and Chicago Tribune’s syndicated fitness columnist on the magazine says that men should rely on natural movements without forgetting to be functional. Hence, he suggests avoiding five exercises, claiming their total dysfunctionality.

The fitness columnist says that walking in the gym should be avoided by men, especially when walking over to a pretty lady and start giving her some unsolicited mansplaining regarding how she can maximize her lifting technique. He calls this ‘douche waltzing,’ which is a kind of walking that is totally not functional.

In addition, spine blowers are among the exercises to avoid, while at the gym. He says men should always be on guard for something that sounds like making an effort. He also adds that screaming loud is not a good idea, while working out. Putting some effort into the workout without screaming too hard or weirdly will surely not result into a “lunk alarm.”

Neck cranking is another thing to avoid, citing that such exercise is not functional, calling it as a ‘douchebagonal.’ He strongly suggests that men should show a little class, while exercising, especially when there are women around as they will surely check out those biceps.

He also recommends saving the sneering, while at home, and alone, instead of doing neck crankers at the gym.

Among the exercises to avoid, he says, include the douche curls. Doing curls in the squat rack, like when there are 40-11 squat racks at the gym and each one is empty is not a wise decision to make. He equates this to ‘douchebaggery’. The columnist explains that it is better for men to have their own squat rack in their basements.

Meanwhile, he appreciates workouts that target the abs, saying that attaining that rippling midsection requires a lot of hard work.

However, shirt-lifting, as what he calls it among the exercises to avoid, while at the gym, this more so when a pretty lady walks by and then a man would start lifting up that shirt to wipe away a bit of sweat from his forehead.

Fell says that everyone would know the real reason why a man is doing this, once he lifts his shirt, and it is not to wipe the sweat.

James S. Fell, as an author and fitness columnist believes that men should stay fit and appear pleasing. However, there are things that should be avoided or some things done discreetly.

He strongly advises that men must do exercises that are really functional, while avoiding non-sense workouts that could shift their focus towards a non-sense result. By doing so, Fell says, men can start and maintain a positive lifestyle and workout at the gym, while avoiding distractions at the same time.

There are programs, he says, that can help men get fit or lose weight without losing their minds, while keeping in mind the dysfunctional exercises to avoid at the gym.