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The different types of French bread

Date Added: November 01, 2012 03:45:30 PM

Just about everyone is familiar with the traditional style of French bread. It is long, crusty, and simply delicious. This particular type of French bread is also very versatile and can be used as a staple in virtually all settings and meals. But, you may not know that there are other types of French breads such as sourdoughs and breads with nut fillings that are just as popular in France and enjoyed by millions of people each day.

The traditional type of French bread known as the baguette is perhaps the most widely recognized type of French bread. The word itself means "stick" which is what many people believe the crusty loaf resembles. Generally, a loaf of this bread will weight in at about half a pound or so. It can be purchased in three distinct forms: the traditional crusty, brown loaf; a loaf that is produced by industrial sized ovens known as a baguette moulee, and as a floured baguette which is lighter in color.

In addition to the above, there are other types of French bread, some augmented with various different types of dough enhancer products. You can find wholegrain breads, breads that are produced from rye, a whole variety of sourdoughs which are often known as pain au levain, and of course, brioche which is a sweet-tasting bread. But, as mentioned above, this is only the beginning.

When visiting France, you should make an effort to sample some of breads that contain nut fillings. These are known as pain aux noix and can be found in a wide variety of nut fillings, all of which are delicious and nutritious. But, do understand this, many bakers rely solely on their own secret recipes so a bread with nut filling purchased at one bakery may taste slightly different if purchased at another bakery.

Some of the most popular types of French breads (at least to the locals) are those that contain bacon or olives or cheese. These types of dough enhancers can change any loaf of French bread from delicious to super-delicious. They are also quite filling and are appropriate for any meal from breakfast to late night snack.

If you are looking various types of sourdoughs or simple white bread, you will be able to find these easily. These varieties of French breads are often sold in different shapes such as in a ring-shape or in flute size (about two times larger than a regular baguette). You can find very long and thin loaves known as Ficelles. Be forewarned, because of their thin size, these loaves should be eaten right away. If not, they tend to dry out and become hard. So, enjoy them right away!

For those who may be traveling through smaller cities or villages, or shopping in the older parts of big cities, keep in mind that many bakeries will close during the day for at least a couple of hours. Some of the more popular bakeries in any particular town or village may close for the day just after lunch time as they often run out of product by this time of day. If you want to try sourdoughs, nut fillings or other types of bread, get to the bakery early!