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The World of Hose Valves

Date Added: April 12, 2011 03:50:24 AM

Within any production industry, the demands of the producer are forever increasing. The pressure from their users for improved service and delivery, is forcing them to continuously upgrade and install more innovative equipment as soon as it becomes readily available. Faster product flow, less downtime and labor saving devices are just some of the criteria that the consumer demands from their products. The manufacturers of hose valves are in turn, caught up in this race for perfection.
The competition in each individual industry is fierce and the demands of the consumer are paramount to their success. A valve is a critical component of any production line or facility and accordingly, a user does not accept poor quality or performance. New designs and ongoing development is a natural occurrence for valve manufacturers. Whether it relates to the material of the hose valve or its capacity regarding a flow path, manufacturers are always striving for that extra business edge in the marketplace.
The hose valve serves many purposes, both common and specialized. It is ideal for applications found in the pulp and paper industries, particularly, for example the re-threading of paper machinery. Other applications include within processing plants for applications involving chemicals, dairy produce and beverages and for the washing down of lined and stainless steel tanks. The valve industry generally, has a great history of innovation and development. The majority of valves in use today come as a result of experienced gained from their predecessors. Designers have been able to learn from their valves operating in harsh, extreme conditions and from the hands-on knowledge gained by their customers and apply alterations to designs in order to cater for any new requirements or issues. This valuable and ongoing experience provides the foundations for their products of the future.
In addition to the hose valves used in heavy industry, hose valves service other applications 24 hours every day. More or less every person experiences the results of their work, from the ordinary household to every other environment. These include air conditioning and refrigeration processes and the variety of uses in the field of plumbing. In the sphere of fire fighting, they are present in the hosepipes and fittings and the fire extinguishers, with a lever to enable fast release of the pressurized contents. Whether used in the home, at work, or in recreation, such as scuba diving; a hose valve is an integral part of everyday life. This applies even to majority of vehicles the world over; namely the ignored but extremely important tire valve. Added to usage on everyday transportation, is another application utilizing this type of valve, the high-pressure hydraulic systems in aircrafts. Different manufacturing materials of the hose valve contribute greatly to its maintenance and life span. It is therefore of the utmost importance, that the exact nature of the valve application is determined by the user and discussed wit the manufacturer.
There is a hose valve for every specific operation and environment. From a stainless steel construction with a brass nozzle, to the hard working, commonly used garden valve. In some instances, the application makes it necessary that a pressure or manual shut-off valve is part of a system.
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