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The Workings of the Pneumatic Pinch Valve

Date Added: July 15, 2011 01:06:08 PM


The rugged and long serving pneumatic operated pinch valve is utilized for the control of a variety of materials. These range from applications involving fluids, abrasives, slurries and corrosive chemicals, among others. Within many industrial facilities, they are a necessary and essential part of any production cycle. Generally, their users have stringent and specific manufacturing controls, thereby ensuring constant durability and reliability. The equipment used must accordingly perform to these highly established criteria and precision in the operational control of material flows is a priority set by many industrial processes.

Within this wide and varied industrial scenario, many specialized applications require the services of pneumatic operated pinch valves. The type of application for which they are suited means that the general design and construction of the valve has the capacity to withstand persistent and heavy duty operation. The robust and simple pinch mechanism ensures a sustained and generally maintenance free working condition, by the placing of the critical elastomer sleeve in a position to ensure this concept.

The composition of the sleeve inside the pinch valve is critical to the successful overall operation of the valve. It is recognized as the heart of a pneumatic operated pinch valve and is manufactured from a number of flexible compounds which in many instances, resemble rubber in their composition and texture. Such is its importance to the operation of the valve, that manufacturers offer different options to the user regarding the different types of material available for construction of the sleeves. Expert advice is available to users on which composition is the most suitable for a particular purpose.

Any operation involving a pneumatic operated pinch valve is dependent on the elastomer sleeve, located within the valve’s outer casing. It provides the pinch valve with the ability to control the flow of material with a bi-directional, drop tight shut-off. Pneumatic operated pinch valves are used within the mining industries and other heavy duty environments. This comes as a result of their quality, reliability and rugged construction. The design of the valves means they are highly suitable for use in the processing of rough and abrasive mining slurries.

In the wide and variable range of industries and their applications, pneumatic operated pinch valves are a recognized part of the processing operation. Their reputation for rugged reliability is recognized by users who have experiences with their quality and ability. However, a total awareness on the part of the user regarding the material to be processed and its properties is critical in order to ensure that the composition of the elastomer sleeve meets the needs of its specific application.

In the event of pneumatically actuated diaphragm valves being present, then the utilization of pneumatic operated pinch valves could be a positive consideration. This will depend on the appropriate mountings or housings being installed in support. A further factor will be determined whether pneumatic operated pinch valves will have the capacity of servicing larger tubing, which possibly could exclude the use of electric operated valves.

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