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The Light Blue Shirt That Every Woman Needs

Date Added: July 04, 2021 10:29:56 AM

When it comes to choosing the right dress shirts for your wardrobe, it’s easy to slip into what feels comfortable and safe. However, if you feel that you are up to some changes, allow me to recommend one shirt that you might consider next time you are out looking at new shirts: the light blue dress shirt.

Why Light Blue?

Well firstly, like the white shirt, the light blue button-up goes well with just about any color, can work formal or informal wear, and adds just the right amount of shade to your outfits. Secondly, it’s a change from just wearing white. It also qualifies as your go-to shirt – when in doubt, go blue.

Light blue creates feelings of peace, loyalty, and approachability. If you want to look positive and trustworthy, this is the shirt to wear. Color blue has been associated with “goodness” and wearing a light blue shirt in high pressured situations may therefore help to promote a soothing and positive influence.

The Right Blue Shirt Looks Stunning

Some say that a blue shirt is so common that it is almost boring. Not true. Allow me to present a blue shirt that is absolutely striking and far from boring – the light blue button-up with French cuffs from Ella Hopfeldt.

The first thing you will notice about this shirt is its luxurious herringbone fabric. Elevating it above the ordinary, the silky, textured fabric draws the eye and adds interest. It also speaks of a garment that is built to last. Which is a good thing, especially as the shirt won’t be going out of style any time soon.

French cuffs add elegance and refinement you just don’t experience on button cuff shirts. They are a bold and attractive addition to any women’s wardrobe, and they suit just about any occasion. Wear a beautiful pair of blue cufflinks to this shirt to complete a truly elegant look, as every detail matters.

Another standout feature of this dress shirt is its collar that makes a great first impression and signals professionalism. The shirts collar is kept stiff by using interlining between its top and bottom pieces forming a sort of skeleton that provides rigidity and shape. The quality interlining will not bubble after a few washes and will help the collar stay sharper longer.

Last but not least, Ella Hopfeldt offers a revolutionary approach to women’s dress shirt design – a fitted fit based on the height and body shape. For any dress shirt to look flattering, it needs to be right for your body shape and take into account your unique proportions.

The light blue shirt comes in thirty-six different options: four fits and nine sizes. This makes it highly probably that you will find a shirt that fits you flawlessly, looks superb and makes you feel awesome.

Where can You Wear It?

The light blue dress shirt looks flawless in almost any situation and can be worn with an array of colors all year. Blue pants, including blue jeans are an easy styling option but the shirt works also beautifully with grey, beige, and chocolate.

Navy pants with a light blue shirt is a classic example of a tone-on-tone outfit where the difference in the color between a top and bottom makes a big difference in the feeling of the outfit. With this outfit, you’ll be a commanding presence in the office.

With navy jeans and a beige blazer, the light blue shirt appears classy and effortlessly elegant. It matches the mood of a variety of events while adding a unique charm to the look.