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The Ideal Car to Drive When You Have Just Obtained Your Driver’s License

Date Added: May 30, 2013 01:16:22 PM

Between Luxury cars and Performance cars, which do you feel a newly minted driver would be more comfortable driving? It's a question worth seriously considering, especially if you don't have money to burn for unnecessary repairs. There's always an understandably higher risk of accidents when it comes to new drivers, but you can mitigate it with the right choice of car.

Automatic versus Manual

It goes without saying that you'll have fewer things to worry about if you opt for the kind of car you actually took driving lessons for. However, if you know how to operate both types of cars, then it's still safer to start with something that you find easier to drive. That means driving an automatic – even just for a few months until you get used to working behind the steering wheel.

Gas or Diesel

More often than not, beginner drivers are either still in school or relatively young in age. Either way, it may mean not having enough money to spend on gas, much less buy a fancy car. If you want to maximize your first year of driving then it would definitely be more to your advantage to buy a diesel-powered car. It's extremely efficient in terms of fuel economy as well as being reasonably priced. First-time drivers also typically love to drive their friends and family around. If you feel the same, then you'll have more miles to cover with a diesel car.

Size or Type

Although most people start off with a sedan, many also believe it's easier to drive a larger-sized Performance car like an SUV. Due to the way it's designed, you will have an easier time seeing the road and gauging distance. Of course, it would mean having to go through a bit of an adjustment when you switch to driving a car.

Driving a van would provide drivers with greater height – which definitely has its advantages – but it would also mean having to manage the longer body of a van, which can be difficult when you're making a sudden U-turn or crossing an intersection.

Ultimately, it's best to consider what you feel you'd likely have more problems with – added length or less height?

Number of Passengers

You may be thinking along the lines of turning your first car into your permanent car or something you can use for at least 5 years. If so, you should also take note of the number of passengers it can accommodate. Will it be enough to fit you and the people you are frequently with?

The "Feel"

This will obviously be quite subjective and something only you can answer for yourself. Every vehicle would feel unique under your hands, and you may need to test drive a couple of models before finding your "soul mate". The best advice you would get from professional drivers is not to be in a hurry when choosing your first car. It's a pretty special car after all, so do take your time finding the ideal one for you.