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Super Bowl Half-Time Ads For Small Business

Date Added: August 01, 2007 11:44:33 PM

It sounds absurd doesn’t it? How could small businesses afford to buy Super Bowl half-time advertising? The cost of over $1,000,000 per 30 second spot is prohibitive and out of reach for most businesses.

There is an alternative that could dramatically improve the effectiveness of any marketing campaign at a price that a small business can afford. This alternative is online video advertising. Online video advertising has primarily been used by large businesses with big marketing budgets. Now there are some affordable options that level the playing field for businesses of all sizes.

Online video advertising comes in several forms including traditional digital video (as received over cable television) and non-traditional forms such as Flash and rich media streaming. All three are very effective. To see examples of the non-traditional forms of online video advertising click online business websites.

This article will list some facts and recommendations to consider before implementing online video advertising.

Online Video Advertising Facts

  • Online video advertising is very effective in reaching target markets.
  • Research indicates that a message that appeals to the eye and ear together is 68% more effective than a message that appeals to the eye or ear alone.
  • Written direct mail pieces, sales literature, and static web pages are unlikely to be read.
  • The combination of audio and video has more impact than other forms of media used for communicating a marketing message.
  • Viewers tend to be more focused in watching online video ads than they are with television ads.
  • Television advertising is more expensive than online video advertising.
  • The Kelsey Group and ConStat Inc showed in a study that more and more small businesses are using Internet Yellow Pages for advertising. By embedding video in online advertisements, there is a more effective connection with an active, engaged and interactive viewer.
  • The general perception that middle-aged people are resistant to marketing messages is a myth. Most online video ad watchers are 35 to 54 years of age. People aged 45 or more indulge most in online shopping and represent the major chunk of spending. They are also more inclined to indulge in word of mouth or viral marketing.
  • A report from Borrell Associates indicates that revenue from online video advertising now exceeds the revenue from television advertising.
  • Broadband internet access has become increasingly popular in homes and in businesses. This has made non-traditional forms of video such as Flash and rich media streaming easy to implement, easy to use, and very cost-effective.

Specific Online Video Advertising Recommendation

  1. Don’t rush into online video advertising just because it looks attractive.
  2. Think through the overall marketing strategy. How does online video advertising relate to other forms of marketing currently in use? If a website exists, what is the relationship between the website and the online video advertising? Should the online video advertisement stand-alone or should it be incorporated into the website?
  3. What other product features would help to maximize the effectiveness of the overall marketing strategy? Feature examples include personalization of the marketing message, pass-along-to-a-friend feature, tracking features, links to other websites, links to printable pdf format documents, etc.
  4. What is the cost to produce, deliver, and update online video advertising?
  5. How long should the online video advertisement be? (Shorter is better: preferrably 1 to 2 minutes).
  6. Consider support staffing requirements to make the marketing program effective.
  7. Consider how long it will take to implement online video advertising.


Online video advertising creates a number of exciting opportunities. Technology has advanced to create marketing tools that are effective for businesses of all sizes. Solutions now offer more than simple digital video streaming. Even small businesses can get Super Bowl results with online video products that have high-end features at a very affordable price. For more information on online video advertising, click on On-Line Marketing Service.

About the Author

Richard Gunderson is the President of M. A. Richards & Company, LLC. With over 30 years of business experience, including 10 years in running small businesses, he has provided online marketing consulting services for a number of companies. Online marketing solutions from his business are unique, effective, and affordable.