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Stop Stress at the Office Desk

Date Added: August 23, 2022 08:32:51 PM

Do Not Do all the Work Yourself. Share and Delegate 

Workload is one of the main causes of high stress in work. Taking too much work on drives anxiety because we are working for longer periods with less time to relax. It is important to recognise what workload is realistic and plan towards this. If in a management position delegation can a solution. Everybody likes to do the work to their own standards but if the workload is too high maintaining standards is impossible. Do not be afraid to delegate and you can check the work when completed to ensure it is done to the requirements.   

If delegating is not an option inform your manager. It will be in their interests to help and assist. Over the long-term they will appreciate the magnitude of the tasks leading to better work output. 

Less Coffee and Chocolate in Favour of Healthy Energy Foods 

It may sound obvious but eating the right food and drinks will have a very positive impact on reducing stress levels. Drinking water and eating healthy energy foods like fruit, pasta etc will improve concentration levels so work tasks will take less time to complete. Overloading on coffee and chocolate is seen as a quick fix but this will only last for a short period and leave you tired when the sugar and caffeine wares off. When the pressure is on and you are tempted to work through lunch the time gained in lunch will be lost due to lower productivity with poor energy levels.  

Regularly Short Breaks 

Regular breaks from work will pay dividends in stress levels and work performance. Every time you take a break your brain gets a rest and starts to de-stress. Despite short intervals if the breaks are regularly through the day this will control stress levels from going high. Breathing exercises in or simply switching off is ideal in this period. 

Work Efficiently and Plan and Structured each Day 

If we can work more efficiently each day each task will take less time reducing the amount of work hours required. Planning each day will cut out mistakes and deliver faster completion times. Structuring tasks from start to finish will also produce high quality of work.  

Techniques to allow faster workload will contribute greatly. Technology can play its part. Faster PC’s containing higher Ram and CPU’s enable your PC to do tasks quicker without the risk of crashing.  The HP ProDesk range and Dell Business Desktop range are both ideal starting from 600 euros the specifications are more than adequate. 

Printing is an essential daily task but printing large reports etc. is time consuming on smaller inkjet computers. Most of us have an inkjet printer which are not designed for printing larger documents. The process is slow and can also lead to issues like paper jam and print quality.  A laser printer will make the world difference. A different technology printing the same tasks at a percentage of the time with hiccup or delay.  The Brother HLL2350DW Monochrome Wireless Laser Printer will print 30 pages per minute and is affordable at 140 euro. The time saved is not to be under estimated.  

Faster internet will obviously improve performance speeds in the office.. but easier said than done. We are at the mercy of our internet providers but there are tricks to the trade that will help. Change Wi-Fi band frequency or channel, turning off and on the router, edit the router’s antennas, move the router to different locations for the best signal, increase WiFi network and lastly seriously consider upgrading the internet. If there is a faster connection available it will more than pay for itself with increase in productivity.