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Sophisticated Consumers Seek out the Best Luxury Fragrances

Date Added: October 10, 2013 11:58:30 PM

Thierry Mugler made a huge splash 20 years ago when he emerged on the perfume scene with beautifully creative bottles of fragrances made from natural ingredients from fruits to flowers to oils and aromatic plants. Both discriminating men and women have been enjoying Mugler's fragrant creations for the past two decades. New perfumes are developed every year by Mugler's team of experts who also follow his passion of creating eco-friendly products.

Pure Havane a Special Blend Designed Especially for Men

A unique scent with both masculine and fresh fragrances, Pure Havane is one of Mugler's most popular perfumes for men. The fragrances of honey and tobacco are blended together with cocoa, vanilla, amber and aromatic oil from the patchouli plant to create a unique scent for the discriminating man. Reasonably priced at around $80 a bottle, the perfume comes in a variety of attractive bottles that can be conveniently and inexpensively refilled. Mugler created the bottle himself to hold the fragrant creation of renowned perfumer, Jacques Huclier. Men from all professions and lifestyles can find a sophisticated and refreshing scent when wearing Mugler's remarkably affordable perfume products.  

A*men Enjoyed by Men from all Walks of Life

The sharp, woodsy aroma of A*men is a wonderful combination of juniper berries, mint, cardamom, white pepper, sequoia and patchouli. Contained in attractive refillable bottles, the distinctly male perfume is reasonably priced at $35 to $65 depending on the size and design of the bottle. Convenient refill bottles are even less expensive. The line of exquisite fragrances for men emerged into the world of perfume 15 years ago. New scent combinations are introduced almost every year by Mugler and his team of perfume experts. The unique perfume can be found in quality department stores, fine perfume boutiques and on specialty websites. Mugler's perfume for men is ideal for today's man on the go.

Angel a Sweetly Aromatic Perfume Especially for Women

With prices ranging from $40 to $100, Angel is a richly aromatic perfume that almost anyone can afford. The gorgeous bottles are conveniently refillable which not only saves money, but conserves the environment as well. Beginning with base notes of sandalwood, musk, vanilla and orchid, the perfume includes sweet and floral middle notes of iris, freesia, violet and lotus. The special scent is topped off with the fruity and natural fragrances of mandarin orange, quince, ivy and peony. Launched 20 years ago, the scent, both sweet and spicy is perfect for today's busy woman who can quickly transition from the business suit to the cocktail dress with a quick spritz of a fragrance perfectly suited for both occasions. 

With an eye to diversity, Mugler has designed fragrances that are distinctly masculine, unmistakably feminine and interchangeable between both men and women. There is something for every perfume lover in Mugler's line and the convenient refills for the elegantly designed bottles make each perfume an affordable investment for consumers as well as a friend to the world's fragile environment. 

Summary: From the seriously masculine fragrance of Pure Havane to the outdoorsy aroma of Amen perfume to the subtly floral, feminine scent of Angel perfume, Mugler brings exquisite products to the world of perfumes in beautifully unique and decorative bottles designed to be refilled. Both bold and understated scents are suitable for all styles and tastes of both men and women.