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Solar Fans - Solar Energy Sets the Spin

Date Added: February 20, 2011 11:21:47 PM

Modern solar technologies are used to convert solar energy into ventilation, heating and cooling, among other uses. The method uses electrical and/or mechanical equipment, like fans and pumps, thus increasing the heat energy in a system. Other solar collection systems which do not use external energy are classified as passive solar technologies.  Solar fans have traditionally been used to address the issue of renewable energy solution and to keep a flow of fresh air in circulation. A solar fan is connected to a set of photo-voltaic solar cells that provide the electricity required to get the fan spinning during the day. The cells are installed outside of the fan housing for regular and direct sunlight. Upon installation, the solar kick starts automatically in the presence of sunlight.    

Solar fans primarily consist of a panel with a solar rechargeable battery, which is fitted onto the fan. The solar panel produces electric energy which is stored up in the battery. Depending on the speed adjustment, a fully charged solar fan can work up to 8 hours.  

Properly vented attics maintain a home's optimum temperature, keeping a room properly vented and toxin free. Solar Energy, is undoubtedly the most abundant and powerful non-conventional renewable source of energy. It is available naturally in the form of sunlight. This energy from the sun can be converted to electrical energy through photo-voltaic cells, also referred to as solar cells. This energy can be then used as such or converted into various forms such as light energy or heat energy. Solar energy constitutes the most abundant non mainstream renewable source of energy. The sun's energy can be converted to an electric current, through solar cells. The main advantage of solar energy is to minimize energy consumption especially in the metropolitan areas where inflation in power bills is a common occurrence, among other inconveniences. Solar fans in the hot season act as an artificial coolant. One of the merits of using solar cells is that they have no moving parts. They are embedded into a single unit, therefore making movement hassle free and convenient for remote and sparsely populated locations.  Another benefit of solar powered fans is easy installation.

Apart from the ease of installation, another reason why homeowners would opt for solar lighting is minimal to zero maintenance. Photo-voltaic cells  provide the fan with power for up to 50 years without a replacement, meaning upon installation the panel basically takes care of itself, and considering the fan doesn't add to the light bill, there's no cost incurred.  

Another merit of solar driven fans is ease of installation. Since its energy source is the sun, one doesn’t need to worry about running any chords, installing switches, thermostats, or constantly testing the entire system's functionality. In the case of maintenance or repair, one is advised to use caution when working in the attic or roof.   As for the case of adjusting roof or ceiling fans, the electricity should be disconnected prior to climbing. A tool box also comes in handy.

Solar Panels are the devices generally comprising of arrays of Photovoltaic Cells which use the solar energy directly from the Sun to generate electricity for our various daily uses. The solar panel produces electric energy which is stored up in the battery. Depending on the speed adjustment, a fully charged solar fan can work up to 8 hours.