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Sleeves for Pinch Valves an Original Concept

Date Added: September 12, 2011 09:21:38 PM

A Unique Method of Control

Here are numerous applications, including those of a specialized nature within all forms of industries, in which Sleeves for Pinch Valves are used. Whether they are associated with the treatment of sewage or the processing of materials in pharmaceutical, food and beverage operations, it is just another example of their versatility. Their ability to affect the blocking of large and diverse materials, as well as regulating and measuring the various aspects of a material flow is a great asset in any processing operation.

The controlling factor of the three part constructed pinch valves, are the elastomer sleeves located inside the casings. They are activated by pressure being applied, causing them to compress into a closed position against a product flow. To resume the product flow action, is the simple operation of releasing pressure on the Sleeves for Pinch Valves, whereupon the sleeves open. This crucial component has a highly elasticized content; which when combined with the inherent pressure of a processed material, enables full opening of the valves and an unrestricted product flow.

Due to the overall innovative design of the Sleeves for Pinch Valves and construction of this particular valve variety, it is able to perform in various applications considered problematic for other valve types, including a capacity of low friction resistance with the processing materials. This is a particular advantage to users, especially in operations involving pneumatic conveyor systems.

In many industrial processing operations, a regulated product flow is necessary. Users have this advantage with the Sleeves for Pinch Valves and their high-level performances that are virtually maintenance free. Their extraordinary operational durability and reliability in various circumstances, includes their capacity of regulating the flows of fluid gases, liquids, fluidized solids and slurries. They provide users with simple yet extremely effective operating principles in all forms of industries, whether used in the processing of heavy-duty materials, or with general-purpose valves.

Valve Forms and Applications

The operation of a unique “pinch valve” is economical, practical, efficient and effective, all of which is created by the Sleeves for Pinch Valves. These components enable this particular valve type to be effective in operations, where they perform extreme tasks in a wide variety of applications, including those of an adverse nature and vary from routine material processing, to highly technical and involved systems.

Because of the versatility and flexibility of the Sleeves for Pinch Valves material composition, users have available to them, specific elastomer sleeves for their particular applications. Compatibility between the sleeve and the processing product, will give users the highest level of valve performance, with minimum downtime and maximum cost efficiency. Produced from various compounds, including natural rubber and compounds, the sleeves have inherent resistance to abrasive elements and a capacity to operate within a wide temperature range from minus 50°F up to 180° F. The materials of the Sleeves for Pinch Valves does not mark and  is highly suitable for carbon based, organic, acids and mild chemical compounds, including those with alcohol content.

AKO Armaturen is an industrial leader in the manufacture of Sleeves for Pinch Valves. Due to innovative designing, development and construction, AKO distribute products at highly competitive prices. It not only provides economic operational solutions, but also total control for users with many varied and complex applications. With over 26 years of experience in its industry, AKO has provided customers with unbeatable product quality, service and support.