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Six Reasons why Plastic Surgery in Chicago is (Relatively) Painless

Date Added: August 09, 2008 07:25:50 PM

1. Lakeside!
The University of Chicago is probably the premier medical teaching and health services complex. It operates ten divisions that provide services at a multitude of facilities and special clinics. They have recently opened a Center for Aesthetic Surgery in downtown Chicago, which is simply an indicator of the health and breadth of the cosmetic plastic surgery community in the city.

2. Choice
One can look beyond the teaching hospitals to a large number of prominent medical centers which in turn are fed by a large population of qualified physicians. Chicago’s Society of Plastic Surgeons has over one hundred members, but they are only a fraction of the board-certified plastic surgeons practicing their profession in Chicagoland.

3. Region-Wide Services
The city itself is a metro area that crosses the state line into Indiana and extends northward towards the Wisconsin border. Many of the suburbs have excellent medical facilities that may not match Chicago’s large complexes but that have top physicians and state-of-the-art technology.

In a major urban area like Chicago, many of the important components of the original downtown have filtered into outlying areas. Certainly this is true of retail shopping, many industries and modern research facilities. It is also true of the medical field, which provides ample choices for a Chicago area resident to track down a plastic surgeon that is the right person for his or her needs.

4. Personal Consultation a Priority
Many times part of the process in selecting a plastic surgeon is working with the doctor to decide just what type of surgery is best. Our listings of Chicago plastic surgeons include doctors who understand how valuable this initial consultation is. The board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons you find here will explain every surgical option that is available to you in order to accomplish the personal improvement that you are seeking.

5. Options Under One Roof
The technological gains in cosmetic surgery over the last twenty years have been remarkable. For example, what once required facial surgery can now, in some cases, be accomplished with botox. The better clinics in the Chicago area acknowledge this and provide a wide range of services. You may get the improvement you want at a fraction of the cost you expected – but that’s more likely to happen when the facility you’ve chosen provides all the options.

6. Flexibility
The size and scope of the cosmetic surgery facilities in the Chicago area make it possible for you to fit consultation and treatment into a work schedule, a kid-driven schedule or even both. The chances are that you’ll be able to find a quality plastic surgeon and clinic within easy range of your job or your children’s schools.

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