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Scammers on Dating Sites

Date Added: June 17, 2011 08:35:04 PM

Scammers are very active on online datingsites. How can you try to avoid them while you are seeking for a man or woman on a datingsite?

Never immediately believe that the person who you are talking to is honest and is who he or she claims to be. Also never sent money for any kind of things. It begins with a small amount and you wil get involved more and more. Scammers are very smar and are playing al kind of trics to make you a victim. "Sorry, i really would like to come and visit, but my wallet got lost a second ago". Because the got to know you more and more, you are willing to believe them... So far almost everyone has sometimes lost his/her wallet. 

Scammers also often try to make you sms/call certain phone numbers that will charge you more than normal. So you phone bill wil become bigger and bigger. If you don't trust them you can google a bit about the information they gave you about them. Be smart, use you common sense and be aware.