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Stress Management

Date Added: June 25, 2020 02:33:39 PM

Is stess an overused word these days or is one person in every three people going through stress in life at the same point. Stress caught a lot of attention in the last ten yearsor so and has stayed with us. Stressful sitautaions are mostly connected with work , relationships, money and freedom from a situation. Do babies go through stress I believe yes they do. Animals too go through stress in a subtle way.

How do we identify stress, a person talks a lot about his or her stressful situation when he or she has started feeling stress, with time one tends to get used to it or do extreme lifestyle changes to just snap out of the situation. A stressful situation may not last longer if it is handled in a gentle manner. Usually elders dont understand when a child talk about stress as they think the child is paying an excuse to get away from doing or keeping up with his responsibilities or he or she is having a terrible lifestyle. Perhaps sometimes the answer is listen to us we are much experienced in lfe, which might cause an overwhelm in adults. So who usually relates or listens to a person who is going through a stressful phase. It is usually friends or a professional healer or a health coach.

Is seeking professional help a good option , defenitely yes as they are an outsider who can see things from a global perspective without judging your situation. You feel free to talk to them about what is stressing you and what kind of help you need. A listener to lend you an ear and help you with solutions.Seek professional help if you feel there is no help around.

So if stress is not managed well what happens it can lead to uproductivity, intolerance , overwhelm, anger issues and self pity. On the other hand if managed well through coaching, lifestyle changes and mindful activities you first come out of the painful phase, secondly learn to deal with your body and mind. Living healthy is a journey not a destination.