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SEO Services You Should Get from a SEO Company

Date Added: January 28, 2011 10:11:39 AM

Unfortunately the SEO industry just like many others has many scammers who pass themselves off as professionals, who will tell you what you want to hear then take your money and do nothing or very little to improve the ranking of your website.  Many SEO companies claim to be experts and with it being very hard to see what work is actually being done by these so called experts it makes it very hard to trust any SEO company.
What SEO services should you expect?
1)       The SEO company  must understand your requirements,  they must help choose the best keywords from your industry
2)       The SEO company must create a full report detailing your websites current rank, stats and any on page optimisations required
3)       The SEO company must send you regular optimisation reports, usually this is done monthly.
4)       The SEO company must provide full, clear and transparent reports of all work done on your website. Whether it be on page or off page, after all they are going to be creating links to your website and you need to be sure these are from reputable websites
5)       If the SEO company tries to tie you in to a 12 month contract be very wary. Times have move on in SEO and there are many companies offering their services without any on going contracts. That way if your not happy you can walk away.
This list should give you some idea of what SEO services to expect from any SEO company. Remember its also important when you think you have found a company to do research on this company, find out previous examples of work they have done and ideally speak to their clients.