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Rules in Mixing and Matching Shirts and Ties

Date Added: January 04, 2013 07:16:05 PM

Professional men are expected to dress impeccably—with clean pressed shirts or suits and well-matched ties. Designer clothes may make other people admire you, but it is always the immaculately dressed guy who gets the compliments. One of the fundamental parts of achieving a flawless look is to make sure that everything is coordinated, especially your tie and shirt. Fortunately, combining solid or patterned shirts and ties is not too taxing. Here are the simple rules that you should stick with:

White Shirts

If you have a white shirt, you don’t have to worry about your tie. white shirts for men go well with just about any tie pattern, color, and texture. So, if you are rushing to get to the office, you can simply get one of your white shirts and pair them with any tie.

Black Shirts

The same thing goes for a black shirt. Whether it is a longsleeved shirt or a short-sleeved black shirt, any tie will go well with it. Think of both the black and white shirts for men as an empty canvas. They generally accept any kind of tie and help you attain a classic look.

Solid Colored Shirts

Shirts in solid colors should be matched with solid colored ties. Look at the color wheel to know which colors complement each other. If the color of your shirt is close to the color of your tie in the color wheel, they are a good match. You can also try combining different shades of the color of your shirt with your tie. For instance, a cobalt shirt will look great when paired with a light blue tie.

Colored Shirt and Patterned Tie

If the shirt you have chosen for the day is solid colored, select the one with accents of the same color in your shirt. A dark brown shirt can go well with a pink tie that has small, brown prints. The tie easily echoes the color of your shirt.

Checked Shirt and Checked Tie

The basic rule in wearing a checked outfit is to make sure that your body has the smaller prints than the ones on your neck. Take a look at the colors of the tie and shirt, though, and not just the pattern. Both should be in the same color palette as much as possible. A pumpkin plaid shirt and a navy-striped tie work well together, particularly if the tie has more prominent checks.

Slim fit shirts and Ties

Slim fit shirts mean that they are cut trimly. This, however, does not denote that they are tight. You have to be careful in wearing a slim fit shirt as there should not be any creasing or pulling of fabric. When matching with ties, there are skinny ties in the market that you can shop for. However, if you don’t want to be repetitive, it is best to avoid these skinny ties. Opt for the slim tie instead, which is about three inches in width. Don’t forget to consider the patterns and colors of your slim fit shirts.

What you wear represents who you are. Simply follow the rules above and you will become a master of mixing and matching ties and shirts in no time.