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Remodeling a Kitchen: What to Know in 2019

Date Added: November 12, 2018 04:16:21 PM

Every kitchen design presents different styles, features and levels of customization for the end user. If you are starting to design a kitchen from scratch or are remodeling your kitchen space, selecting the right sink is effected by many different elements of the space. The countertops and cabinetry are among the most important features obviously, but the sink is perhaps the most important, let's check out the reasons why!

Custom stainless steel undermount sink made from 16 gauge steel

Considering a stainless steel sink for your kitchen will present so many different styles, brands, and finishes. Each of these different options effect one design element or another, which is why this decision is not to be taken lightly. Each of the different design elements will present users with some of the most specific challenges in detemining what is right for their home. Selecting from smooth or hammered stainless steel sinks will give the owner the ability to customize their kitchen to match surrounding cabinetry and countertops.

The best thing about a custom sink is the ability for the sink to be tailor made to the exact dimensions and specifications that you prefer in your kitchen. This will give the owner the option to select an undermount or top mount design, which can have a farmhouse apron front or not. The best thing about selecting a custom sink is you can make it work in each of these different styles, but the application is different for each. For example, the undermounted sink will install beneath the countertops, so the cut of the granite will be custom to the sink. Alternatively, homeowners can select a top mount sink which is installed above the countertop and can be applied to an already existing countertop situation. This means you can easily replace an existing sink that has failed, and also if you do this it is very beneficial to cover a crack in the granite, which is a very common situation.

Custom steel sink by Havens Metal

Custom stainless steel sinks are available from various manufacturers and fabricators, although they are far and few between. The most advanced sink manufacturers in the Country will have issues producing custom sinks if they do not have the proper machinery or craftsman behind the product. These type of sinks require heavy levels of skill as they need to be properly TIG welded, formed, finished, and even weathered in the case of copper sinks. Stainless steel sinks do not require a weathered finish, however the sure tell of a low quality sink is whether or not the sink is lacuqered or clear coated. Read more on the risks of buying a low quality imported sink here for more info.

The most common type of steel used for custom stainless sinks is type 304 steel. Anything lesser grade than 304 is going to be lower quality and more prone to denting, chipping, warping, and even rusting. It's important to research certain factors when addressing the right custom sink manufacutrer, for example the care and maintenance required, lifetime warranty offered, and even the customer reviews of the product.

In order to further research each of these companies, one must look through certain online parts of the website or directly call the company over the phone and speak with a customer service representative to get the most accurate information. Selecting the right company for the job isn't always easy, which is why it is best to select a USA custom sink manufacturer such as Havens Metal. This company has decades of experience perfecting the art of custom sheet metal and building thousands of custom sinks in both copper and stainless steel. Check out the full Havens online store and submit a quote request for more info.