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Recycling Waste Materials such as Plastic

Date Added: February 28, 2012 10:01:30 PM

In the modern world, the recycling of waste materials such as plastic, metal and rubber are of greater importance than ever before. With the world running out of natural supplies, new companies have emerged that specialise in creating machinery that aids the recycling process. Some of these companies, for example Rotajet Systems Limited, focus on the shredding and granulating parts of the process, as the shredders and granulators are a massive part of the overall system, being as they are the main way in which recycled materials are reduced in size, ready to be bagged and made into something new.

A lot of the waste material provided to recycling companies is contaminated. Contaminated plastics for example can include films, totes, containers, bottles, chemical drums, plastic crates, wheelie bins, car bumpers, battery cases, fiber materials, fishing nets, oven ready trays, chemical drums, jerricans, toys, and audio cassette and CD cases. These contaminated waste products can be cleaned used machinery; in particular, machinery can be designed and developed to wash and dry the materials, cleaning them completely, ready for granulating and bagging to other sites. However, these companies are not just limited to dealing with plastics – machinery can be developed specifically by these companies to handle paper, metal and rubber too.

As industrial granulators granulators and shredders are an important part to the process, their machinery tends to have more variety – particularly shredders, where single shaft, twin shaft and even four shaft shredders are available, each with their own sizes, specifics and general purposes. A good example is twin shaft shredders, which have an emphasis on sturdy structures and pre-programmed unblocking procedures for the reliable handling of two shafts. These, in addition to the other machinery available, can be designed and made as part of a system or as singular standalone products. The other machinery mentioned can aid other parts of the shredding and granulating process, and includes depacking or debagging systems, bagging systems, screw compactors, conveyors, filtration systems and metal separation machinery.

There is more to companies such as Rotajet Systems Limited than designing and selling products, though. They can also design entire systems and floor layouts, and have onsite testing capabilities for trialling the manufactured machinery and systems. Rotajet Systems Limited is located next to a motorway junction, giving them access to all the major motorway networks. Joint ventures are sometimes considered by the company, and with second-hand machinery at hand for those short in the pocket, there is no real need to look further than these types of companies for any needs in the shredding and granulating parts of the modern recycling process.