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Ralph Lauren Biography: from Bronx Ties to Luxury Kidswear

Date Added: October 17, 2014 09:05:58 PM

Only the fashion obsessed would know that Ralph Lauren was born Ralph Rueben Lifshitz in the southern New York City borough of The Bronx in 1939 to Ashkenazi Jewish immigrant parents. With such a modest upbringing, becoming the world famous designer behind a multi million pound company would seem like an unachievable goal, but the Ralph Lauren brand we know and love today would never have been, had Ralph Lauren come from more, as it would have never have been his goal to focus his life on achieving the typical American Dream....and then some.

Ralph Lauren began his career in the world of fashion selling ties to his fellow students in elementary school. Upon his completion of his schooling, he took a job as a tie salesman in the preppy emporium, Brooks Brothers. He launched his empire in 1967, by opening a tie shop in which he sold his own self designed ties under the name ‘Polo'. A year later, he launched a full menswear collection, and a few years after that introduced the Ralph Lauren Polo that we all know so well. His brand quickly grew, expanding into womenswear, shoes & accessories, homeware products, fragrances, cosmetics, and most recently kid's clothing and baby clothing.

The ability for such rapid growth from the Ralph Lauren brand can be credited to Ralph's personal commitment to redefining American style with quality products, and the dream lifestyle that goes with it. The Ralph Lauren brand and vision emanates the all American dream that drove him to success in the first place; an image of status, luxury and fun that includes colourful sportswear and casual wear with a chic yet preppy twist. Ralph Lauren's success can be attributed to many things, but one main reason is the timelessness of Ralph Lauren clothing.

Since its inception in the 60s, the Polo Ralph Lauren has never been out of style. With each generation, the Polo has been re-invented and revived to align with the trends of each age group. Today, this reinvention starts at an even earlier age, with Ralph Lauren's Kids and baby clothing, Ralph Lauren Polo wearing begins at birth.

The classic and casual style Ralph Lauren has become known for transcends into his kids clothing and baby clothing lines. Ralph Lauren kids and baby designer clothing transforms the world's babies, boys and girls into little ladies and dapper gentleman, dressed for any occasion.

Just like the brands other grown up clothing offerings, Ralph Lauren Kids and Ralph Lauren Babies has it all, including everything from everyday wear and sportswear to special occasion wear, swimwear, accessories, hats, shoes, bags and jewellery. What the boy from the Bronx started, designing fashionable ties under the Polo label, has grown into a billion pound company that can be seen in just about any setting: the estate houses on the English country side, to the dusty plains of the American cowboys, the pristine campus' of Ivy League schools, the rough and energetic sports field of polo and rugby, the immaculate grasses and tar of golf & tennis...the newly designed nursery of a brand new baby....the list goes on...