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Put Wrong Fuel In My Car!

Date Added: August 13, 2019 02:00:59 AM

Every day 500 people in the UK will put the wrong fuel in their cars. With over 150,000 motorists putting the wrong fuel in their car every year across the UK alone, it is reported as one of the most common causes for breakdown in the UK and Fuel Doctor are always on hand with 45 Fuel Drain technicians to get you back on the road should you put petrol in your diesel car.

Why is it some common to put the wrong fuel in your car? Years ago diesel cars were the minority in the UK and as a result the diesel nozzle at the fuel pumps were deliberately made bigger so they wouldn't fit into the petrol tank. However, over the past 2 decades as diesel cars became more and more popular, more and more people have been puttng petrol in their diesel cars which has been the main source of wrong fuels in the UK Its so rare to see anyone putting diesel in a petrol car, but it still happens, but the fact is that 1 in 3 motorists will put the wrong fuel in their cars at some point, It only takes a few moments to be distracted and you can fill your car with the wrong fuel. So what do you do when you have put the wrong fuel in your car? Well to start, don't panic. the worst thing to do in a situation like this is to panic. Don't start the engine or turn the key in the ignition as this will circulate the fuel, if you do, don't worry, your car may start to jump so move to the side of the road as soon as you can and call a professional wrong fuel recovery service. When you call, an experienced fuel drain technician will then drain the fuel tank and ensure your engine is flushed through (if the engine has been turned over)

Fuel Doctor are the largest independent wrong fuel recovery company and the best known nationally. We are the cheapest and best in the UK and work alongside Green Flag and other breakdown recovery companies. Some breakdown companies have wrong fuel recovery as part of their insurance, so you can check to see. 

So, if you put the wrong fuel in your car call 0333 444 9000 for a speedy recovery anywhere in the UK