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Proper Backcombing techniques

Date Added: December 10, 2007 09:04:26 PM

"Backcombing" can add fullness to a hairstyle and give fine, limp hair greater body (If you have curly hair, you will already have more height and volume. You want to be sure not to damage the cuticle layer on that type of hair so first straighten the hair and lay down the cuticle. Make sure it is cool if you have just finished flat ironing or blowdrying.)

Let me first say that when you backcomb the hair, you are peeling back the cuticle. This can leave it vulnerable to damage over time so backcombing isn\'t something you want to do every day. Save it for special occasions.

Here are the basic steps to backcomb:

1. Spray the hair with an aerosol hairspray first (I prefer Sukesha Max Hold and let it dry.

2. Using a tail comb, part off a section of hair from the rest of the strands. Smaller sections will be tighter and longer lasting backcombing. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way.

3. Hold the hair straight up or over directed in your left hand with your comb in your right (providing you are right handed.)The object is to comb the hair down the opposite from how it grows. So, with your right hand, comb from the ends of your hair down to the scalp in strokes. Repeat this until all the hair looks teased. You can feel the backcombed hair to see if it is sufficient (it will feel thicker if you have used smaller sections.) Spray the teased section with an aerosol hairspray and go on to the next section.

4. If you want a more solid and long lasting style, hold the new section forward so that when you backcomb you are actually grabbing a bit from the last backcombed section. This will make it more solid and also prevent "holes" in your heightened style.

5. When all hair is backcombed, take a paddle brush and smooth the hair down. Take care to not brush too hard since you only want to smooth the very top layer.

Most professional hair product lines lines have either a shine serum or sprayshine (I prefer the spray-shine on backcombed hair.) Finish your style with one of those to smooth any stray hairs. Use sparingly!

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