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Producing better breads and pastries through dough enhancers

Date Added: September 18, 2012 01:46:51 PM

Particularly useful for commercial cake mixes, the dough enhancer is revolutionizing the world of bakery.

Dough enhancers consist of several ingredients that facilitate the bakers' sourdoughs preparation. The product transforms the flour properties so that it becomes suitable for all pastries / cakes recipes and preparation methods.

Dough enhancers are the result of an innovative process that involves mixing several ingredients including processing aids, additives, and raw materials. The combination of these elements follows a particularly ingenious formula. Dough contains emulsifiers, enzymes, reducing agents and oxidizing agents.

For bakers, the introduction of this product is a dream come true. Indeed, dough enhancers provide increased security and simplicity through their significant effect on the dough behaviour specially relating to its rheological, fermentation, and proofing aspects, by optimizing product efficacy upon baking.

Initially, dough enhancers were solely regarded for bread-making optimization purposes. Gradually, as the needs of bakers evolved, manufacturers were forced to change their formulas in search of a broader application. Today, they are extensively used to provide faster performance, better dough smoothing, and outstanding machinability.

Enhancers allow consumers to enjoy bread and pastries with a higher texture, volume, colour, appearance, and flavour quality. Moreover, bread stays fresh and crisp for extended periods.