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Pleated Window Shades

Date Added: December 12, 2007 09:02:18 AM

Pleated window shades come in a variety of colors, styles and designs. They also come in shapes that allow you to utilize the shade on almost any type of window that you have in your home. The question on whether to choose pleated shades is really a matter of preference, many blinds and different types of shades are available with similar features and within the same budget . Here are some comparisons of popular shades with pleated shades so that you can decide which window treatment is right for you.

In comparison to other types of shades you can start to purchase pleated shades well below the starting cost of other shades. This is perfect for the consumer working with a budget.

Pleated Shades - Start prices are around 50 dollars
Honeycomb Shades - Starts around 70 dollars
Woven Wood/Bamboo - Starts around 70 dollars
Solar Shades Starts around - Starts around 60 dollars

Privacy & Environmental Control
As a stand alone item pleated shades have a below average rating for privacy and for controlling light into your home. To offset this manufacturers offer a liner that can be purchased optionally with your shade. In terms of privacy and environment Honeycomb shades and Roller shades all outrank pleated shades by utilizing solid textures through the design that are better at filtering light and visibility. This design is also helpful at insulating your home from colder weather conditions which is also a consideration in energy costs.

Colors, Textures and Design
Roman shades, Roller shades, Honeycomb shades and Pleated shades all have excellent options for color, textures and design. You could spend hours researching and looking at the different options for each one. This is really where you find the color, style and design that best fits your home. With the myriad of options it might seem overwhelming, so the first step is reviewing each different type of shade. While the options for color, style and design are vast the basic structure of each shade type is similar. First determine which type is what you envision and once that's determined start researching the color, texture and design for the shade you select.

This is also any area of many similarities, Roman shades, Roller shades, Honeycomb shades and Pleated shades for the most part come with anti-static treatment meaning dust will be repelled away from settling on your shade. This will minimize your time spent dusting the shades although it will not eliminate it altogether. For more thorough cleaning you will need to reference the care instructions supplied with your shade. The techniques for cleaning change in accordance to the type, style, fabric, and texture of the shade you have purchased.

Choosing the right window treatment is one of those decisions that affects quality of life. Your home is your sanctuary and while it might seem like a minor detail the window shade you select will affect the look of your entire home. Best of luck in finding the right window treatment for you.

Article written by Richard L McCaffery,

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