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Planning A Baby Shower

Date Added: April 09, 2010 02:38:19 AM

There is nothing more exciting than a baby shower. Everyone loves babies and shopping for baby gifts. Whether one has children or not, shopping for baby clothes and accessories puts a smile on anyone's face. A lot is involved in planning a baby shower.

Many times a shower is hosted by grandmother(s), sister(s), sister-in-law(s) or best friend(s). The date and time must be decided. Then the question arises whether it will be a surprise or not. Arrangements must be decided how to get the mother-to-be to the location. These usually involve elaborate plans of a shopping trip, lunch with a friend or family member or any pretense.

Today, many locations offer registries for parents-to-be. These are like any registry and provide a list of desired items. They are extremely helpful because duplicates and triplicates of items will not be purchased. Many times a list of needed items is included in the invitation. Also, sometimes in today's world we are told the sex of the baby which makes shopping so much eaiser. However, if the sex is not known a yellow or green baby item always fits the bill.

Sometimes in addition to the main gift, it is asked that a small gift be contributed. These are often put in a diaper bag, baby bath or another large baby item. These gifts can range from q-tips, to baby wipes, rattles, bibs, creams, powders or small toys. Of course, a written note or hint is always appreciated. The new moms to be also welcome coupons for baby items.

Decorations must be considered as well. There is a large selection in a party store, craft store or discount store of baby shower decorations. These decorations are often storks, pictures of babies and anything else to add to the festivities. Many times matching paper goods are also available. Of course if the party is held in a restaurant or club, there is no need to consider paper goods. Many inflatable balloons are available to add to the decorations such as storks and babies.

One of the most important things to consider is the baby shower favors. These are a little thank you for the guests and a remembrance of the baby shower. One of the nicest favors is a little silver or gold picture frame. They can also be purchased in standard baby colors at a craft store. Once the baby is born, the mother forwards a picture to the guest along with a thank you note. This is a wonderful way to honor your guests.