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Petrol RC Cars

Date Added: December 17, 2007 01:24:41 AM

When you think of remote control cars, the first type of car which people think of are the toy electric cars which as we mentioned above, are usually found at Christmas or Birthday time and mainly for boys but there are a increasing number of girls who enjoy these types of toys. It does not just stop at cars, you can also get helicopters, planes, tanks and obscure varieties such as robots. Most of these are electric but you do get another line of cars which run on nitro fuel and have very strong similarities to petrol RC cars but also many differences which we will point out.

Nitro Cars run on nitro fuel, which is found In most model shops with the cars mainly purchased by long term hobbyists as the cars need looking after both maintenance and repair wise with a running in procedure to give optimum performance and making sure the car is not pushed to its limit before it is ready. These nitro cars have a very fast acceleration and most are designed for performance either for speed, power or both depending on if the car is a buggy, truck or a bespoke design such as the Bug Crusher or the Lightening strike which are very similar to ACME-TECH cars but with their own features and spec's.

On the other side are the petrol driven cars which use the same unleaded petrol you fill your normal family car up with at the local garage, combined with 2 stroke oil which you find inside the garage shop. Make sure if you do buy a petrol car that you read the instructions, most do but just to make you aware either way. Whereas nitro cars are at scale size of 1/8th, 1/10th a petrol RC car usually comes in the scale of 1/5th therefore around a meter in length so much bigger than you may expect. These are defiantly not entry level cars, and defiantly for people who have experience of the full range of RC cars but wish to take their hobby to the next level.

Many websites and companies which sell these cars have videos of the cars in action such as the very popular XRC Buggy or the ShengQi monster truck, both of which are impressive and show what they are capable of even on rough terrain. What may surprise you is that these cars do not cost the earth as they used to a few years ago where they were over £700, but now can be purchased for under half that price. This is due to the manufactures being able to design, produce and collate the parts in the same factories whereas before they used to be made in several different places. Another main reason is the actual demand, and the research which has gone into the cars themselves.

All in all this leaves a fantastic range of these cars which experienced fans can enjoy, knowing they have a high quality car which will give the same performance than with more expensive cars such as the XRC and Shengqi petrol rc cars.