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Pest Control in Walnut Creek

Date Added: October 16, 2016 01:21:59 AM

There are a number of household pests that will come into a home for the during every season of the year in the bay area. Pretty much each new season brings in a new kind of pest for homewoners to deal with. While you can expect the season round pest problems of ants, spiders, silverfish, termites, rats, and mice, there are distinct seasons where these pests and other seasonal pests will dominate the problems that homeowners and businesses will face. 

Other pest control problems that Walnut Creek residents and businesses will face are those type of pests that particularly believe the property owner has something to offer them, either food or shelter. Pests that are common reasons for people to call a pest control company include: bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps, rats, gophers, mice, birds, possum, raccoon, fleas, flies, spiders, silverfish, squirrels, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, beetles, among many other types of pests.

Bed bugs are a major pest that will come into people's homes through getting in through taking it in from someone else's home, a hotel, another business, or they just hitched a ride from who knows where. Bed bugs, once in a person's home will find their place to hide during the day time, so at the nighttime, they can sneak aroudn quickly without being seen, and attack a warm blooded mammal, particularly humans, and suck their blood to get their meal. They don't need much, and they can last a long time without eating a meal. Bed bugs will sneak into mattresses, pillow cases, box springs, or simply under piles of clothes. Once they fidn their place to stay, they will lay their eggs so that their offspring can have an easy opportunity to find food as soon as they are born and become reproductive insects just a few weeks later. Bed bug eggs are one of the hardest things for people to locate and destroy, and the reason why bed bugs are so resilient. Bug bombs won't kill bed bug eggs, so if you let them slip, the bed bug infestation will be harder to get rid of.

Cockroaches are another major pest problem in Walnut Creek. Cockroaches reproduce very quickly, and are the largest group of pests that face the world every year. They spread disease incredibly quickly.

Rats can chew through just about anything. If there is a sighted entrance into the shelter that homes will provide, they will use their strong teeth to chew through wood, wires, cardboard, and whatever else is in their way to find shelter and lay their abundant young. They will even reproduce with their brothers and sisters to produce more offspring.

Mice are another major rodent problem in Walnut Creek. Mice are attracted to the shelter and food source that human buildings and homes will provide them. They are a slender rodent that can live within the walls of a house, and sleep during the day, so that when everyone is asleep at night, they will come out in search of food and also leave some droppings for you to find in the morning.

Animal Control and Dead Animal Removal is also another facet of pests that most people don't want to deal with. If you call up Walnut Creek Pest Control, they will handle the pest problems for you.

Ants usually come in large colonies that people decide they just cannot fight and need to call in a pest control company to handle these infestations. Some of these ant colonies are so large and so interconnected that some scientists have actually talked about identifying ants as a single organism. They are a small insect that is continously reproducing and adding to their armies to help the entire colony survive. If there is an ant colony on your property, there is likely a large infestation of ants that you may need to get rid of. 

Fleas are a major insect that attack all people in homes by biting and sucking the blood of mammals. They will usually enter a home by hitching a ride on a dog or cat, and reproduce quickly with plenty of food for their colony.

If you live in Contra Costa County and particularly around Walnut Creek, we want to help you with your pest control problems. Give us a call at (925) 329-3366 or visit our website and fill out our form to get a free pest control quote.