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Penny Stock Newsletter Groups Gain Greater Importance For The OTC Market, In 2015

Date Added: January 05, 2015 04:23:22 AM

We've all heard it at one time or another, the age old declaration that investing in penny stocks comes with incredible risk but then on that same token, we all have that one friend that made an absolute killing investing in them, but surely we all just happen to know a true rarity within those lower tiered markets, I'm sure. Because even though almost none of us knows someone that made large sums in big board investments in the Nasdaq, Amex, NYSE, etc (unless of course they had a lot to begin with), somehow we all know someone that made a bunch in those cheap stocks we were all told to stay away from (even if they started with relatively little). Somehow there always seemed to be wild success stories coming from the penny stock exchange, while larger companies always seemed to be stagnant and while that is a reality, the chances of making a killing in the cheapest pink-sheets stocks in recent history, has significantly diminished due to many changes that have come to the OTC market. While there are still many companies seeing incredible gains, one cannot help but to recognize that these major movers are far fewer and far between than they used to be back in the day, which has lead to a significant increase in subscriptions to newsletter groups that specialize in unearthing small companies that have significant potential for growth. While it can be very difficult to find a good newsletter group, they often come with great ideas for the lower tiered markets.

The main trouble that comes about when attempting to pick a solid newsletter organization, is that there are just so many of them out there. With so many holding companies owning multiple newsletter group, the last known count was well into the thousands, when it came to separate groups, so naturally it can prove difficult to recognize which ones are the most viable. The main thing that you want to do when it comes to looking into these organizations, is find those websites that either do not accept payments for the companies that they report on, or at the very least, mix in a healthy amount of unpaid plays that are truly there for the purpose of being real alerts that they feel can work to the benefit of their subscribers. They also tend to have a healthy mix of OTC and pink-sheets trading companies, for those that prefer either side of the coin when looking into these two sides of the market. Currently one of my favorite groups out there is Penny Stock Dream because they have proven to have some of the most powerful penny stock picks over the course of the past year, while also managing to hold very open dialogues with their subscribers when it comes to their questions. Their newsletter platform is absolutely free to subscribe to, not to mention that you can also subscribe to their blog and various social media presences as well. While they do offer their services free of charge, they also offer an elevated, platinum membership section that allows traders to gain access to their most powerful picks before they are officially released to free members and the general public, which has proven very advantageous to many of their subscribers over time. If you would like to subscribe to the platinum section of their website to receive their early alerts and secret updates, be sure to subscribe today at, to ensure that you are able to get the next pick delivered straight to your in-box.

Another solid newsletter group, is that of the Penny Investor Network, due to their continuing to abstain from doing paid plays, for well over a year now, while almost purely relying on membership fees to stay afloat. Organizations that adhere to this sort of business model, often tend to be more righteous in their practices because relying on membership fees means quite frankly, that they have to maintain membership levels in order to be able to charge people these fees and what better way to maintain membership levels, than releasing solid alerts that are doing well for investors? It is because they have abstained from paid plays for so long, that many of their picks have tended to be cleaner plays that perform more smoothly for traders, not to mention that their service is also another free one to subscribe to. They come highly recommended by many traders, as a solid group that avoids the trickery and confusion of most paid plays, to bring their readers solid information that can really help them move forward in the game of investing within the OTC market.

While there are always going to be pratfalls involved in trading penny stocks, the fact remains that they have always proven a means of possibly seeing some pretty solid gains on investments, even though the risk involved in attempting to net those gains, tends to be far greater than what one would find with larger companies. Investing in the OTC market has always been tough, especially for novice traders and it has only become more difficult, with the numerous changes that have come to the market lately, as the lower tiered exchanges have become more heavily policed but still there continue to be shining lights within the industry that manage to outperform powerfully. With changes coming so rapidly to the exchange, subscriptions to the top penny stock newsletters has become more important than ever before, as a key tool for delving into the lower tiered markets, so be sure to take a look into newsletters if you plan to invest into pink-sheet companies trading on the OTC.