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Patio Covers By LITRA

Date Added: June 17, 2015 03:53:42 PM

If you are looking for a cover for all year, patio covers create the perfect atmosphere for you. With the right protection you will be protected from sun, rain and even snow.

They are an elegant and comfortable solution, offering you the opportunity to add a great touch of Style and Elegance to your open spaces and allowing you to attract customers all the year and increase your business with the return of your investment guaranteed.

You can also relax at home and enjoy peaceful moments.

It will be possible to live in the summer any time of day outdoors protected by cool, and in winter protect from wind, humidity and weathering.

Cutting edge and high quality, made whit materials from the best-known manufacturers in the world are, certainly, today, with the highest quality / price rate on the market.

Are designed and constructed with the exclusive M.A.N.T.T./M.A.S.A.W system. They are also 100% waterproof, a seismic and resistant to hurricanes and strong gusts of wind.

The structures are made of highly resistant varnished aluminum that never rusts.Can be totally dismantled and no municipal authorization is required. All materials used have undergone stringent security tests.

The innovative transparent patio covers may have unique advantages such as the reverse motion, allowing you to open and close the roof at your convenience, you can use all year without any problems, take a relaxing natural light inside, once warmed maintain the internal temperature.

Are insulating, windproof, soundproof, anti-seismic and anti-condensation, water resistance, indoor and outdoor decoration, sun protection, UV protection and snow clearing.

Can be sliding, telescopic, mobile, fixed or retractable, provided with side locks removable or easily removable side panels, in PVC or poly carbonate, transparent or opaque, and to take care of every little detail you can choose the shape, size, color and functionality.

On the website you can find useful information for all types of patio covers.

With the new innovative and revolutionary concept Patio covers LITRA, your lifestyle will improve considerably. Get ready for a new way of life. Get ready to experience and enjoy life four seasons.Are you ready for this great opportunity?

See our commercial retractable patio covers or our residential retractable Patio cover