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Organic Hair Loss Treatment

Date Added: May 26, 2011 03:00:59 PM

The following information pertains to Terra Hair Loss Treatment studies done from a laboratory that researched the product and approved the results in Brazil.
Experimental Area
The efficacy of the product has been verified by Clinical and scientific researchers, with experience, education and appropriate professional under their responsibility, aided by a researcher experienced and qualified.
Sensory Evaluation
The Subject search after receiving clarifications, information and guidance about the study, read and signed the deed of free and informed consent (TCLE) and followed to the checking of the criteria for Inclusion and non-inclusion.
The product was used, as guidelines (motifs, labeling) constant in manufacturer's packing delivered to volunteers.
 Volunteers have made use of the product testing and received a Final questionnaire after 21 days of product use to evaluate the acceptance of same. The perception was assessed after 21 days of use of the product, through responses to a standard questionnaire, dedicated to the type of study, as attachment model, where they were considered the following aspects:

In relation to the effects of the product:
-Hair loss, Oil, and Sostness.
Description of study population
The study population was made up of healthy adult volunteers, men and women, aged 18 to 65 years and all races and with diagnosing hair falling or exacerbated.
Criteria for inclusion of volunteers
The following criteria were adopted for the volunteer to participate in the study:
. Aged 18 to 65 years;
· Both sexes;
· All races;
· With diagnosing hair loss stable or exacerbated.
· Able to understand the nature and purpose of the study, including risks and adverse effects and who intend to cooperate with the researcher and act according to the requirements of the whole study, what comes to be confirmed by the signature of the term of free and informed consent
Volunteer appreciation       Percentage of volunteers who                 Percentage of volunteers who
                                     liked the product attributes                       liked the effects of the product
Very Good                                         90-100%                                                   90-100%                            
Good                                                   70-90%                                                    70-90%
Moderate                                             20-30%                                                   20-30%
Bad                                                        10>%                                                       10>%
Clinical Dermatological Assessment
The volunteers were supervised by doctor dermatologist throughout the research and evaluated in the event of any symptom or sign, for confirmation of the actual and correct use of the product and detection of possible adverse reactions.The volunteers were told to report to the physician in case of adverse reactions. In these cases would be forwarded for evaluation and steering of doctor dermatologist responsible, carrying out examinations, classification of the reaction and performing appropriate conduct (guideline and/or medication and photographic documentation when necessary).
Adhesions to Study
Commenced the study 25 (twenty five) voluntary and completed the study within established 20 volunteers, corresponding to 80.0% of initial group. Reviews dermatological clinic
During the study, no volunteer has any adverse reaction.
A real success, according to the frequency and mode of application of product determined by the manufacturer, any volunteer presented any cutaneous related to the use of the product.
The product Terra Hair Treatment presented efficacy fall arresters and
Anti-dandruff at 95% confidence
a) Affection to the product by panelists had the following results the Perfume-moderate) Good;
b) Color of the product — moderate to good;
c) Espalhabilidade-Good;
d) Consistency – Very Good.
The Appreciation by Panelists in relation to perceived light effects
a) Absence pruritus (itching)-Good;
b) Decrease in hair loss-Very Good;
c) Reduction of oil-Good.
d) Softness — moderate to Good

This is a translation from the original Portuguese version