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Modern Contemporary furniture store in Los Angeles, CA

Date Added: March 21, 2008 04:43:18 PM

When it comes to merchandising contemporary or modern furniture, the successful retailers are the ones that develop warm, inviting vignettes ... spaces that look just like home.

The task is made easier today, because the products themselves are more comfortable and inviting.

"Manufacturers are providing a new comfort level with modern lines, so consumers do not sacrifice comfort for style", according to Jeffrey Chiapetti, the upholstery buyer for FurnishWell. A specialist in contemporary furniture, FurnishWell has stores in Los Angeles.

"Most people think of contemporary and modern as hard and cold", Chiapetti continued. "It's just not the case anymore. The retailer's job is to get the point across that contemporary furnishings can look great and be comfortable, all the while keeping [the presentation] simple and true to the nature of this design style."

That means building thematic, home-like vignettes that consumers see as approachable and attainable.

"When you walk through a FurnishWell store, we tell a story with vignettes and theme rooms," Chiapetti said. "It's the same overall story in each one of our store locations, so we can provide consistency for our clients. We show them how to pull it all together."

Creating a livable look is key, according to Carlos Lopez, Director of Sales for Rubin's Furniture, a two-store chain with locations in Milwaukee and Madison, WI.

"The difficult part is not going over the top," Lopez said. "You have to keep things toned down and balanced so consumers can picture the furnishings in their home."

Whether a retailer like, which has multiple locations in urban areas, or a two-store operation like Rubin's Furniture, which caters to smaller, more conservative communities, the goal remains the same: Proper attention to price points, color and displays are key to success.