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Maximising Messenger Marketing

Date Added: December 11, 2019 05:43:04 AM

One of the biggest issues companies claim to face is traffic and lead generation, yet often, companies aren't taking full advantage of the tools available to them. Currently, there are more users of messenger apps than general social media apps, meaning that businesses should really be leveraging this system and using it to promote their products and services in a more personalised, engaging and instructional manner. If the people are in a particular space, you must go to where they are. Here is some more information about messenger marketing (aka chatbots).

What is messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing is engaging with messenger apps to send messages to possible clients or customers, once they’ve made their way onto your business social media page or website. It incorporates the use of Artificial Intelligence to send fast replies to customer inquiries, giving them a clearer sense of direction when searching for what they need, and keeps them updated with what’s happening in your business in a more concise and effective way. 

Advantages of and tips for using messenger marketing

  • You can use it to send GIFS, video clips, photos and audio clips, which is more engaging and exciting than simple writing.
  • There are billions of active users already out there which gives you more opportunity automatically.
  • Offers you the chance to send instant, directed and informative replies which builds up momentum and keeps interest.
  • You can schedule messages to send, which means you spend less time worrying about being consistent in your contact with customers.
  • You can engage high-quality sales leads with your products, through the use of photos, videos and voice clips.

How does messenger marketing work?

They’re often powered by instructions, in the sense that customers can ask a question, and the chatbot must deliver some form of relevant response. 

Messenger marketing makes the customers feel as if they are talking directly with the business, and they can always be referred on to human staff should their answers need further depth. This method of marketing is constantly being upgraded and improved, so it won’t be long before every and any answer can be found.

When NOT to use messenger marketing

As with any AI-related program or service, chatbots and messenger marketing is not the best option where customers could span off into various directions in conversations, which may require a person-to-person interaction. Consider what you would like to use your messenger marketing specifically for, before you commit to it.

So, as explored, there are many benefits to using messenger marketing. In this fast-paced, fast-changing era, using the most commonly used online tool as a means to market your business should be a no-brainer! You have the opportunity to truly express who you are as a business, and bring your tone of voice through the messages you send, so don't hold back when it comes to this marketing option.